Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 5

Social Outcast

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on CTV



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    • Alice: It's sad enough when you're a social outcast. It's sadder still when your whole family's aware of it.

    • Diane: (whispering) Your sister has no plans for Saturday.
      Mac: Well, I'm having a sleepover at Wing Lee's, but I'm not even going to ask you if you want to come, 'cause that'd be totally weird.
      Alice: Totally weird.

    • John: Yeah, much better guys! And you sounded great, Alice... are you sure you don't want to play tambourine in our band tonight, Alice?
      Alice: I'd love to Dad, but I'm going out with friends, remember?
      Finn: Forget it, they're not coming, Alice! I ought to know, I've done the same thing to lovers I've wanted to avoid. Fifteen minutes is fashionably late, a half hour is letting the person know you're blasé about the relationship, but an hour? That means you're dumped.

    • Geraldine: And of course, I've been a committed vegan since 1987.
      Diane: Hah!
      Geraldine: What?
      Diane: Hm? Nothing!
      Geraldine: You... (makes exaggerated coughing sound).
      Diane: No, no, no, no! I'm sure you just forgot to mention your meat-eating sessions at Fat Freddy's Steak & Ribs. Geraldine, honey, it's okay. A little hypocrisy is nothing to be ashamed of.
      Geraldine: Well, speaking of hypocrisy, how many true feminists take their husband's last name? (everyone nods)
      Diane: My maiden name was "Boobie"... I got sick of the teasing.

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