Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 3

Working Stiff

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 01, 2006 on CTV

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  • Alice gets a job!

    This is one of the earlier episodes of "Alice, I Think" but I didn't see it until it was in reruns and it was almost half-way through the series. But that doesn't really seem to matter, as the episodes seem to be able to be viewed in any order; each one is its own story, and while there may be some plot points that follow through the series, the ones I've seen so far don't require sequential viewing.

    So in this episode, Alice gets a job working with her mother in order to buy a funky jacket that costs $50. Of course, everything that could go wrong, does go wrong, and Alice ends up jobless, and jacketless as well. The minor story line was that John was going to install a solar panel to help the family save money. Of course, he did it wrong and Mac had to save the day. That story was very short, and very much in the back ground. The bookstore was the main story and was quite well done; all of Alice's neuroses came out, and Bob the Therapist's did too.

    My favourite part was where the customer tries to buy a book. The customer is Susan Juby, who wrote the Alice, I Think books, and the book she's trying to buy from Alice is "Miss Smithers" by... Susan Juby! I thought that was funny, and a nice nod to the author. Overall, this was a funny episode in a funny series.
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