Alice (Mini-Series)

Season 1 Episode 2

Part 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Part 2
After escaping the casino, Alice becomes determined to rescue her father. With the help of Hatter and Charlie, the White Knight, she plans to seek help from the Wonderland resistance.

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    Zak Santiago

    Zak Santiago

    Ten of Clubs

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    Alessandro Juliani

    Alessandro Juliani

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    Eugene Lipinski

    Eugene Lipinski

    Doctor Dee/Doctor Dum

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      • Alice: I'm sorry I didn't trust you.
        Hatter: You trust me now?
        Alice: Completely.

      • Hatter: When is a raven like a writing desk? The clockwork's not ticking properly. Maybe crumbs in the butter.

      • Caterpillar: Mix the wrong feelings together, the right kind of bad with the wrong kind of good, and you'll wind up with a total breakdown.

      • Hatter: Don't you care what's happening here? All the people's lives who are getting ripped apart by the Queen.
        Alice: Of course I do. I'm one of them.
        Hatter: Then give the resistance a chance.
        Alice: I met those guys already.
        Hatter: One arm of the organization, that was. If we get to the top man, he'll help us.

      • Caterpillar: The Oysters, your people, are contaminating our world. They must go back, dead or alive, before it's too late.
        Alice: What does my dad have to do with that?
        Caterpillar: He's the only one who can release them.

      • Alice: (holds out her hand) The ring.
        Queen of Hearts: Are you mad? I'd sooner have you cut off my finger.
        Alice: That can be arranged.
        Hatter: (to Ten of Clubs) Do you have a knife? (Ten hands him a knife) Thank you.
        Jack: Make sure it's a clean cut. We don't want any blood on the ring.

      • Queen of Hearts: (to Suits) Don't just stand there, idiots. Arrest her.
        Alice: Take a good look at your queen first. Make sure she's really worth fighting for.

      • King of Hearts: Don't you see? I did all this for you. There never was anyone else. I would've conquered the world for one smile.
        Queen of Hearts: Don't be so sentimental.
        King of Hearts: Have I ever said no to you?

      • White Knight: Alice of Legend, your presence in this world is no accident. You are here for a reason.
        Alice: Please, Charlie, it's just plain Alice.
        White Knight: Just Plain Alice, I will stand at your side, shoulder to shoulder, knee to...
        Hatter: Charlie! Now's not such a good time.
        Alice: You guys shouldn't have come. You could get yourselves killed.
        Hatter: Did you give the ring up, Alice?
        Alice: Look, I have things under control.
        Hatter: You tried to cut a deal with the Queen, didn't you?
        Alice: I was getting close.
        Hatter: Getting close?! Maybe I'm wrong, but negotiations didn't appear to be going so well.
        Alice: Well, I need more time.
        Hatter: For what?! You really think the Queen's just gonna send you and your boyfriend home?
        Alice: No.
        Hatter: No, of course not.
        Alice: Because he's her son.
        Hatter: The prince? Jack Heart? Jack Heart is your boyfriend?!

      • White Knight: I shall miss you, Alice of Legend.

      • Hatter: Don't tell me you trust this guy.
        Alice: He knows where my dad is.
        Hatter: He'll say anything to get his hands on the ring.
        Alice: He hasn't asked for the ring. He doesn't want the ring. Do you Jack?
        Jack: Yes, I do.
        Alice: You do?
        Hatter: It's just all an act.
        Jack: We need the ring to get you home. The looking glass won't work without it.

      • Alice: You're going to join them aren't you? Fight alongside them?
        Hatter: As Dodo said I've made my life playing both sides of the court. It's the only way I could stay alive. I made the Hearts think I was working for them, while I fed their enemies. Those days are over.

      • King of Hearts: Number Ten, you explain.
        Ten of Clubs: No, but your majesty is so good at explaining things.
        Queen of Hearts: Number Ten!
        Ten of Clubs: Um, you see, Jack appears to have disappeared.

      • Alice: What will I do? If I get stuck here?
        Hatter: Then I'll make sure you're okay.

      • Jack: (about the stick Hatter has) You think you can take me on with that?
        Hatter: I'm not an old man.
        Charlie: Oi!
        Alice: Look, nobody is fighting unless it is me; and I am a black belt, remember?

      • Jack: So who are you going to trust to get you and your father back home? A resistance insider and future king, who's already scheduled your return trip through the looking glass, who cares for you more than anyone else in the world. Or this man?

      • Hatter: I wish you all the luck in the world, Alice.
        Alice: You're coming with us, Hatter.
        Hatter: I don't think I figure in the future king's plans.

      • Hatter: You're following them.
        Charlie: So are you. Don't you shake your head at me, when I gave you Guinevere you said you were going to hide out in the hills, well, these are not the hills.
        Hatter: Come on then.

      • Hatter: Anyways, I wanted to say, goodbye.
        Alice: Goodbye.
        Hatter: And, if you, you know, ever fancy coming back…
        Alice: You want me to stay?
        Hatter: Hell no. No, you, think you should go home.
        Alice: Yeah, yeah I've had enough of Wonderland for a lifetime.
        Hatter: Yes, I am sure you have, right? Still, we had a laugh. You know, had some good times. Obviously among all the bad times.
        Alice: Yeah, yeah we did.

      • (about the flying Flamingo)
        Hatter: It's perfectly safe. Safe-ish.
        Alice: No, I have a thing about flying.
        (Suits start shooting at them)
        Hatter: Yeah? I've got a thing about bullets.

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