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  • A lot of fun, but a bit unpolished.

    I love Alice, it's a stand-out among the many works that have been inspired by Lewis Carrol over the years. It comes off as more of an affectionate tribute to the original story than a rehashing of the same or attempt to "modernize" a classic. In the universe of the series, we are told that the events of the original story did happen 150 years ago, but have little impact on the rest of the series. I thought this was a far better and more respectful way of doing things than Tim Burton's film, which seemed like an egotistical attempt to make a true sequel to the original.

    I loved the aesthetic of the series, especially in the city. I only wish they had spent more time on the plot, or given the writers an extra episode or 2 to flesh things out. In a lot of scenes, something interesting would be brought up and I'd get curious but then they'd never be explained. Like, what was up with Hatter's hand that made people scared of it? Also, you put Tim Curry's name in all the ads and then he's literally in only one scene? There's all this talk about how bad things are in Wonderland, but very little is actually shown. Why did Charlie's trick with the skeleton army work?

    Overall, though, it's great. However, it's a small made-for-tv event from a minor cable channel. That gave me very low expectations of quality. However, Nick Willing took the resources he had and got the very most out of them. This is an entertaining watch with likable characters, action, and eye-catching visuals. Definitely worth watching if you're looking for fun and a little nostalgia for childhood.
  • Am I the only one who's criticizing this??

    Believe me. Alice is one of the worst movie/tv's stuffs of the year. It's a rip-off of the H.C.A books. Firstly, it starts off where shes at a school doing karate or something and then all of a sudden transforms into this lame world. This is so downright disappointing and non-approving and it makes me nauseam. That's why I changed the channel and never expected to watch part 2. I hate this as much almost as the little mermaid TV show but worst. I hope this will never get put on TV ever again, if it does, then I'll just ignore it. Prove it. It's one of the worst movies of the year and so getting put on my worst movie list. Thanks for reading his review carry on. Bye.
  • A "modern" take on the Alice in Wonderland story, or rather a continuation of the story.

    This wasn't as good as SciFi's "Tin Man" that they did a few years ago, but is still worth watching. There are some fun and slightly creepy elements to this story. The Hare is fabulously creepy and I actually regret having missed out on the "parade" of them in New York promoting the series. The actress for the Queen was well chosen and I couldn't get over the feeling of familiarity of the Hatter. Tim Curry makes an apparence, and he tends to do so in some of the weirdest and most interesting movies. I love the allusions to the "traditional" version of the Wonderland stories. The White Rabbit is pretty cool; I love how the guy's hair is divided into two long white pony tails. It's just a fun, slightly darker side of Wonderland. Yes, there are things that make it cheesy, but it's about the whole story and having courage to add to such a well known icon.
  • wow pretty rare for there to be no reviews for a good show like this

    loved the pilot. and quite a few of the revamped characters. its nice to finally meet mad march since he was only a passing reference in the one movie i saw. and he's got the balls of legend to talk to the queen that way XD. doesn't take an hour long csi episode to figure out who killed him lmao. though i wish i could of seen his original head....
    the new hatter is awesome. though he's not really like what they said in the commercials. he's loyal and so protective. i hope he becomes the main love interest for alice. though jack would do as well if he's really trying to overthrow his mother. i honestly didn't see that coming.
    the white knight was funny to listen to. his character is both a genius and eccentricly random as hell :P. never a dull moment around him. dodo wow never would of saw him trying to start a revolution against the queen. sucks the cheshire cat didn't have a speaking role. it also seems he and tweedle dee and dum have the same ability or agenda. to mess with alices head.
    carpenter and walrus gotta love these two for turning a cookie jar into a robotic head. i hope they get outfrom under the queens thumb soon.
    the queen wasn't nearly as insane as she was described. yeah she took over the world and all but she's hardly insane. more like maniacle evil genius. especially the way she used reverse psychology on mad march to make him cooperate.
    can't wait to see the rest of the series.
  • A new version of an old tale, splendidly reworked!

    I thought it was excellent. I am a diehard Carroll fan and I am usually quite critical of interpretations of his Wonderland stories, as I was with this one at first. But after it went from slow start into Wonderland, I realized that it had just the right amount of that weird, dreamlike air to it. Very Lewis Carroll. The scenery and funkiness made the twists and dramatic liberties OK. It was very much a new perspective on an old favorite, with the inhabitants of Wonderland being slightly more sinister than in the books, and overall I felt like it stayed true to the atmosphere of the story without being another lame re-enactment of the books.