Alien Dawn

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Alien Dawn

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AIRED ON 7/27/2014

Season 1 : Episode 26

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  • Honest Review

    Alien Dawn is the new and live action show on Nicktoons. It's has action, drama, and Sci-Fi. I'd say the show is like watching what Nicktoons is like at Night. Nicktoons should make a block called "Nicktoons@Nite. The reason say that is because the show has mild violence that will appeal to teenagers and young adults more than kids. At first the show will seem unappealing but you should never judge a show until after the second episode. The show has a lot of unexplainable mysteries, example: how is the character "Pierce" a robot?

    This show is like Code Lyoko Evolution, Star Wars, and Heroes mixed into one. The show could use more advertising on the sister channels of Nickelodeon and TeenNick.

    Plot: The plot circles around a high-schooler named Cameron Turner who father disappeared. His father wrote Comic-Books. The last comic book his father wrote is called Alien Dawn . Cameron realizes his father's comic books are real; now his childhood friend has mysteriously returned, his arch-enemy/bully Peirce is a robot and his mother is acting strange and Aliens are trying to get the compound that will bring their galaxy back thus destroying Earth.


    -I think Cameron is an alien. In episode: "Compound, Part. 2 when he was trapped in a force-field his eyes turned green and the alien holding him got pushed away.

    -I think this show last for 1 season, unless if they advertise more. BUT I HOPE I'm wrong and I hope the show will last for at least 2 or 3 seasons.moreless