Alien Nation (1989)

Season 2 Episode 1

Dark Horizon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The movie is supposedely picking up the events at the end of the episode" Green Eyes". Many variations are present . For example, in the final episode, George is home when the flowers arrive and knock them out of Susan's hands. In the movie he is not home. Also, Matt was in the middle of a date with Lorraine and in this episode he has just gotten home. Lorraine Clark was played by"Barbara Bush " in the series, but was re-casted for this movie with " Susanna Thompson".

    • Tenctonese Names:

      Albert's is Glenza

      May's is Okiana. Goof: In the first episode, " Alien Nation ", Albert's Tenctonese name is identified as Linsamonteno, in this movie his name is identified as Glenza.

    • Chekkah: An elite overseer reconnaissance unit.
      Serdos: These are vessels for their souls. They believe that their souls wander at night and these vessels bring them back to re-enter the body.
      Udara: A secret group of warriors.

  • Quotes

    • (George walks into his home)
      Emily: (yelling) Mom wants to us to move away!
      George: What?
      Emily: She's in the kitchen. I'm not leaving my friends, my school, my mall!

    • Matt: Did I do something wrong?
      Buck: You're human.
      Matt: Not according to my ex-wife.

    • (Susan & Emily are in the hospital)
      Matt: George, what are you doing here?
      George: I'm a police officer, aren't I?
      Matt: Yeah, but….
      George: I can't just sit around that hospital with Moby Dick in my hand. (Matt looks at George) Well, whatever.

    • Matt: (About Ahpossno) First, he's Albert Schweitzer, now he's Steven Seagal.

    • Matt: Hey, where's he going?
      George: Oh, Ahpossno is staying with us until he gets settled.
      Matt: Whoa, whoa. (Pulls George aside) Trust me, George, he's not Kosher.
      George: Of course, he's not Jewish.

    • (George walks into his home and finds Susan has completely redecorated)
      George: Susan, what have you done?
      Susan: I'm making this a Tenctonese home, George. Ahpossno inspired me.
      Matt: Doctor, ninja and interior decorator.

    • (Susan has redecorated the home and quit her job)
      George: Susan., don't I have a say in all this?
      Susan: That's another thing, we've fallen into this human habit of you making too many decisions. When you know perfectly well that in traditional Tenctonese society , women made all of them.
      George: Susan…
      Susan: Ahpossno said that Tundash villages, men did nothing but bear children and gather roots.

    • (Inquiring about why Matt left early last night)
      George: Was it something anyone said?.
      Matt: Can we just get to work here? Or is hat the kind of decision that Susan has to make?
      George: Are you implying I'm kitty-whipped?
      Matt:No George, I never for a moment thought you were kitty whipped.

  • Notes

    • Music:

      Do You Know the Way to San Jose was sang by George and Matt in the hospital and was identified as Susan's favorite song.

    • Dark Horizon was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup in a miniseries or special. The Emmy went to "The Martin Short Show".

    • "Dark Horizon" was the first Alien Nation reunion movie.

  • Allusions

    • Named Newcomers in this Episode:

      Kenny Bunkport: Kennebunkport is a town in York County, Maine, most famously known as the location for President Bush's ummer home.

      Norman Conquest: The Norman conquest of England began on 28 September 1066 with the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, AKA the Duke of Normandy.

      May O'Naise: Play on the word Mayonnaise is a stable mixture of oil, vinegar or lemon juice and used as a condiment for many salads, burgers etc.

      Teri Cloth: Play of the word terrycloth which is a fabric that has loops to an absorb large amounts of water.