Alien Nation (1989)

Season 1 Episode 17

Real Men

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 1990 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The three presents George opens at the baby shower are a pink sleeper from the ballistics lab, a sweater from the SWAT team and a T-shirt that says, "I'm not fat. I'm Pregnant" from Matt.

    • Albert uses Halloween decorations and flamingos for George's baby shower.

  • Quotes

    • George: I feel like a whale and these stretch marks.
      Susan: You look very handsome.
      Doctor: His body is going through tremendous change. I haven't met a man yet who didn't feel like a whale.

    • Matt: (To his friend about George) I'm sorry, you how women, um, men are when they are pregnant.

    • (George tells Matt that he is in labor)
      Matt: I'll get you to the birthing center.
      George: Matt, you're going to have to deliver the baby!
      Matt: Come on, me?.....George please..... Why are you doing this to me? (Carries George to a mat on the floor) You know I didn't want this to happen….You promised me, George!

    • Susan: I'm sorry, I get so caught up with work. I forget you've changed.
      George: Changed?
      Susan: It's not your fault, you are just more dependent, more needy right now.
      George: Needy?
      Susan: You just can't do all the things your use to doing; things tend to upset you more...
      George: (interrupting) Don't tell me how I feel: You make it sound like I'm some weak helpless... female.
      Susan: Females aren't weak and helpless, George
      George: If I wanted to, I could fall off a cliff and sew myself up.
      Susan: George, Have you had your lead supplements today?

    • Matt: He's impotent, George. He might as well be dead.
      George: Why is being impotent such a terrible thing?
      Matt: Why? Because you're not a man.
      George: Then what are you?
      Matt: Well, of course you're still a man, but you're just not a man. I hate getting into these conversations with you.

    • Matt: (to George) Why does everything have to be so complicated with you? You think too much. Women do that.

    • George: My back is killing me, my ankles are swollen, and I have an awful ringing in my ears.
      Matt: Funny, so do I. Hey, you wanted the kid; stop bitchin.
      George: I shouldn't expect you to sympathize, you don't have to get up five times a night to urinate. You have no understanding what I'm going through. (starts to cry) You think men should fall off cliffs and sew themselves up.
      Matt: George, don' cry. I hate it when you cry.
      George: I suppose it is not manly either.
      Matt: Look it's just the hormones or whatever running wild, that's all this is. Look I didn't mean it… I'm sorry (hands him a box of tissue) Here, wipe your nose.
      George: (Knocks the tissue box out of Matt's hands) I don't need it... don't worry, you won't see anymore tears out of me (sniff, sniff)

    • Matt: Like steroids, they use is to buff up.
      George: To polish themselves?
      Matt: Put on muscle.

    • Grazier: A pregnant male in our society is…....
      George: (interrupting) Something you'll have to get use to.

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