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  • Aliens drop by and stay on earth because we are so good to homeless people and respect human rights.

    The reason why I watched this show was that the attraction those huge bald heads caused on me, oh yeah and the fact that these aliens had several hearts and were much more powerful than humans.

    The aliens came one day and stayed forever, creating as usual xenophobia between the locals and the newcomers. The good thing is that everybody learns to get along and the aliens join our society in different ways. One of them, yeah, in the police department and the magical, criminal beating, murders solving, donuts eating intergalactic couple is created.

    Good show although I never knew how it ended.
  • One of my all time favorites!

    Alien Nation is one of my all time favorites. It really is a classic sci-fi, mainly for its universal story. Its about two cultures coming together, which means they sometimes clash but ultimately the world is a more interesting and creative place for it. Alien Nation also has some of the best written aliens on TV, probably due to them not being our opposite (emotionless robot people). All the characters on the show have heart and try to do the best they can with the talents and strengths they have. I would highly recommend the show to lovers of cop shows, buddy movies, and of course science fiction.
  • Please help me!!

    Sorry this isnt a review as such although I love this programme and I would love them to have made many more. Why does the last episode 'Green Eyes' finish on such a cliff hanger? All I have on my DVD is Kathy and Sikes rushing off to IT to see George. Have I missed something?? Does anyone know where I can find the five films that went after the series as I am having so much trouble trying to find them in the UK. I really love this programme and is so much more down to earth than star wars or star trek and really made me think a lot too.
  • I watched the first series and it was great, I am looking forward to seeing the rest if the series but I am dificulty in getting it. If any one knows where drop me a line.

    It was an excellent series when it was first aired. The concept pf another species living on earth was cutting edge at the time. The first season was a bit slow to get started but once it progresed the story line was excellent.
    I was looking forward to the next season to see how it followers on. The concept of the aliens is great, humonoid but different. The question to see if Sykes and Saharh get together is still intreiging. The cast has grown with each episode and their interaction is getting better and better with each episode.
    I would recomend this series to any one that is looking for a new challanging sci-fi adventure.
  • I loved this show! It's a bit dated now, but the themes of racism, xenophobia, slavery, and separatism are pretty timeless, unfortunately. Plus, I liked the cool bald spotted coneheads of our visitors.

    'Alien Nation' was a fun little science fiction series from the late eighties, derived from the big-screen movie of the same name. The premise (and introduction of just about every episode) was something to the effect that "Five years ago, an alien slave ship made an emergency landing in California's Mojave Desert; the 250,000 aliens (Newcomers) aboard have assimilated into human society, taking on roles from small-time criminality to big-time entrepreneurship." For lack of initiative, the writers made this into a basic cop-buddy show, paring up a human detective with a Newcomer, the first alien to have made detective grade. It starred Gary Graham (Matt Sikes) as the human cop, Eric Pierpoint (Sam 'George' Francisco) as the Newcomer cop; Michelle Scarabelli (Susan Francisco) as George's wife and advertising executive; Sean Six (Buck Francisco) as Susan and George's teenaged rebel son; and Terri Treas (Cathy Frankel) as Sike's Newcomer neighbor and sometimes love interest.

    Over the course of the short series and several TV movies that followed, Newcomer/human relationships and culture were explored, and the themes of racism, xenophobia, slavery, and separatism examined, often with a rather heavy hand. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the show, and its sometimes corny humor.
  • An awesome sci fi show.

    This show is based on the movie of the same name. It picks up where the movie left off. It expands on the universe set up by the movie. It explores possibilities not seen in the movie. This is a really good series, despite trying to live up to the movie's hype, this show stands on its own without necessarily comparing it to the movie. It's a fast paced show, it's drama, it feels so much like a cop show but it's sci fi and have aliens in the plot. It's a really cool concept, it's got enough good stories to fill you in each week.
  • Such a joy to watch

    I loved the way an alien race came to earth and lived with us. It shows that there could be aliens who are not bent on destoring us. It was great to have a human work along with the George tghe alien. AThe two had suchh a great relationship. I loved how the show continued after James Caan's movie. Plus this show was so great, it had at a few tv movies made too. Plus the show also had the aliens have families and a regular life. That waws such a pleasure to watch. Eveything about this show was just so great.
  • although Alien Nation was largely vilified by critics and even disowned by some of the people who created it, I think they\'re missing out. This is an excellent film.


    Alien Nation is one of those movies that\'s so good it\'s hard to know where to lavish praise first. From the opening scene of an ominous flying saucer hovering over L.A., it\'s clear that something special is going on here. Director Graham Baker has done an excellent job portraying the Newcomers as the new minority on the planet, from their earnest yet awkward attempts to adopt human ways (picture aliens in business suits who live in houses with white picket fences) to their gritty back-alley dealings in drugs and murder.

    Caan and Patinkin are wonderful as the at-odds partners who slowly form a bond of mutual respect and trust, largely through friendly and not-so-friendly banter (Sykes decides the name \"Sam Francisco\" is too ludicrous to use and summarily dubs his partner \"George.\" Tit for tat, George then explains that \"Sykes\" means **** head\" in the Newcomer\'s native tongue.) Terence Stamp also excels as Newcomer businessman and community leader William Harcourt, who has learned one lesson too many from his former masters.

    Writer Rockne S. O\'Bannon has done a fine job with the script, creating a story that\'s both intriguing and touching, as well as funny and serious. The film also manages to explore modern-day social issues while telling a gripping crime story in the process. Together O\'Bannon, Graham, Patinkin and Caan created a rich tableau with Alien Nation, and it\'s easy to see why the film went on to spawn a TV series (albeit short-lived) and five television movies.
  • Alien Nation had characters that lived and breathed and changed and grew as the season progressed. Watching it on DVD reminded me how much I loved how the people evolved and dealt with topics such as racism and learned from their experiences.

    Watching all the episodes back to back reminded me of how much I loved the show. The car pounding in the credits still makes me laugh as does George's constant misremembering of idioms. They seemed like people; I really cared about what happened to them. It was a show on the edge and it's a shame that it ended so soon. The one song, by Melissa Etheridge, I remembered all these years was in "Green Eyes" when Cathy told Matt they were too different. That song always took me back and now, on DVD, I can see it again.
  • This show was one of my favorites to watch when I was younger.

    This show was one of my favorites to watch when I was younger. Alien Nation gave a new twist to the cop buddy shows by having one of the partners being an ex-slave who's ship crashed on Earth with a whole society aboard who had to find ways to fit into Earths culture in Los Angeles. This show dealt with how the cultures of the two races collided and how the aliens tried to make Earth their new home and fit into society though they had many differences from humans, they were stronger, smarter, and ate foods that humans would find disgusting but still managed to find a place in society even though many wanted them to leave.
  • I love sour milk.

    The Tenctonese are a race that were slaves who came to earth cause of their ship crashing in the Mohave Desert in 1991.The Tenctonese are from the planet Tencton,they have the ability to adapt in any environment,they learn fast and live a little longer than Humans,they are known to us Humans also as Newcomers.There are Humans who don't like the Newcomers,they are called Purists,the Newcomers are called Slags,the word "slag"is a racist term by the Purists.The Newcomers that don't like Humans much call us Humans,"Terts".

    Human cop Matthew Sikes,played superbly by Gary Graham(All The Right Moves,Robot Jox,and The Last Warrior),is a cop who lost his former partner to a Newcomer in a robbery.Sikes's new parter,a Newcomer cop,Det. George Francisco,played awesome by Eric Pierpoint(Invaders From Mars,Forever Young,and Liar Liar),work together to fight crime.The two Detectives have their disagreements on certain issues,but work great together.Cathy Frankel,played awesome by Terri Treas(Seven Brides For Seven Brothere,The Nest,and House IV)is Matthew Sikes's Newcomer neighbor who he develops a relationship with her later on,Capt Bryan Grazer,played by Ron Fassler(Camp Nowhere,Child's Play 3 and Gremlins 2),Det. Dobbs,played by Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs(Welcome Back Kotter),Albert Einstein,a Newcomer janitor,played by Jeff Marcus,are some of the members of the precinct.

    George Francisco's family consists of Susan Francisco,played by Michele Scarabelli(Air Wolf),Buck Francisco,played by Sean Six,is a teenage Newcomer who has got into some trouble,but has got better,though he has resentment towards Humans.Emily Francisco,played by Lauren Woodland(The Young And The Restless),is a young Newcomer girl who is a nice girl who is smart.

    I was very upset that Fox canceled "Alien Nation"in 1990,but they did redeemed themselves by making 5 "Alien Nation"TV movies,Alien Nation:Dark Horizon,"Alien Nation:Body And Soul","Alien Nation:Millinium","Alien Nation:The Enemy Within","Alien Nation:The Udara Legacy
  • A morality play at its best!

    To classify this show as a classic really does not to it justice. This show from start to end was a morality play on race relations. It allowed the writters to explore prejudice, and race hatered, in a format that allowed the viewer to accept the message if desired without the appearence of being preached to.

    The "aliens" great and we came to love their taste for spoiled milk, raw rodent, and love of life. We learned to like spots, and appreciate that different is not bad.

    I loved this show (the followup movies not so much)and I look forward to occasional "alien nation" movie that shows up from time to time.
  • Alien Nation now available on DVD!

    I loved this show from the first episode to unfortunately the last episode. I found the show to be very entertaining. I was very dissappointed when it was cancelled. The cast was great, I particularly loved the actor Gary Graham who played Matt Sikes. His relationship with George Francisco continually grew while they tried to work out their cultural differences while solving cases. I am so glad to see it on DVD, I purchased my copy and enjoy the show all over again! Would love to see it come back.
  • Wished it had done better ...

    I enjoyed the movie, and I also enjoyed the television spin-off.

    Alien Nation had a pretty strong cast, the writing could of been a touch better - but it is scifi, and you have to take some storylines with a grain of salt.

    Overall Alien Nation was an enjoyable outing, and I think fans of the genre who haven't checked it out yet, should definitely do so.
  • A quality science-fiction police show with a message about racism.

    A great science-fiction police show with a message about racism, with the alien Newcomers here being the minority in place of blacks.

    In the feature film, Matt Sikes was a vocal bigot. For the series, his character was toned down quite a bit. But he's still a non-racist in a racist's body.

    Outwardly, he hates the Newcomers. He resents them moving in on human turf, is jealous of them doing well. He won't easily let himself befriend them or get close to them. But he defends them and stands up for them, often reluctantly, both as a cop and a human being.

  • The Newcomers are Earths new minority

    Aliens Nation was fine for me. I caught it every week and did not feel as though I had wasted an hour. The television show picks up after the movie "Alien Nation" as we see how the Necomers try to intergrate into society. As the show progressed we see American life reflected through the Newcomers.