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  • I loved this show! It's a bit dated now, but the themes of racism, xenophobia, slavery, and separatism are pretty timeless, unfortunately. Plus, I liked the cool bald spotted coneheads of our visitors.

    'Alien Nation' was a fun little science fiction series from the late eighties, derived from the big-screen movie of the same name. The premise (and introduction of just about every episode) was something to the effect that "Five years ago, an alien slave ship made an emergency landing in California's Mojave Desert; the 250,000 aliens (Newcomers) aboard have assimilated into human society, taking on roles from small-time criminality to big-time entrepreneurship." For lack of initiative, the writers made this into a basic cop-buddy show, paring up a human detective with a Newcomer, the first alien to have made detective grade. It starred Gary Graham (Matt Sikes) as the human cop, Eric Pierpoint (Sam 'George' Francisco) as the Newcomer cop; Michelle Scarabelli (Susan Francisco) as George's wife and advertising executive; Sean Six (Buck Francisco) as Susan and George's teenaged rebel son; and Terri Treas (Cathy Frankel) as Sike's Newcomer neighbor and sometimes love interest.

    Over the course of the short series and several TV movies that followed, Newcomer/human relationships and culture were explored, and the themes of racism, xenophobia, slavery, and separatism examined, often with a rather heavy hand. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the show, and its sometimes corny humor.