Alien Nation (1989)

Season 2 Episode 4

The Enemy Within

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1996 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Chuchlach: Tenctonese word meaning nest, used to in reference to Cathy nesting at Matt's home. Eeno: A lower class of Tenctonese, lived in the lower levels of the ship and were force to survive on garbage and the remains of other Tenctonese. Their spots are faded in color. Dechoch: Tenctonese word meaning savages, used to refer to the Eeno people. Zechcha Position: Tenctonese word referring to a love making position similar to the missionary position. Aklafluid: Tenctonese word meaning the male reproductive fluids.

      Gannau: Tenctonese word referring the male that fertilizes the female during the conception ritual.

  • Quotes

    • Albert: We want you to serve as Gannau and fertilize May.
      George: Me… Well Albert, May
      Matt: (Interrupting) Whoa... Whoa… Whoa... You fertilize May?
      George : Well, as a Binomium, Albert is physiologically incapable of fertilizing May. He can only catalyze her. In order to conceive, she needs a gannaum.
      May: Albert was a binimium for your children and you will be a gannaum for ours.

    • Matt: You know studly, you might want to run this by the misses first.
      George: Why?
      Matt: Well, most wives aren't particularly thrilled when their hubbies have sex with other women.
      George: Well, we maybe on Earth, but we are Tenctonese. We're not given to petty human jealously. Susan will be elated, as proud as a teapot.
      Matt: Peacock… And I doubt it.

    • (At the dinner table)
      Susan: In order to fertilize May, you're going to have to conserve your Aklafluid, which means you won't be able to have sex with me for a month.
      George: Well, I realize that it is a … a sacrifice.
      Susan: Well, now that you brought it up, the kind of sex we're having lately, I'll probably not even notice the difference.
      Emily: What do you mean, Mom?
      Susan: All we ever do is the Zechcha position.
      Buck: That's all, not even the Putlach? (looks at his dad)
      George: Oh, Putlach is too rough on my shins, besides we get to bed so late, I'm tired.
      Susan: Well you won't have to worry about that now, will you? You found the perfect excuse to skip the whole thing.
      George: Susan, I don't understand, I thought you'd be delighted.
      Susan: Really, my husband says he's not going to have sex with me for a month, so he can with another female… and I'm supposed to be delighted?
      George: You sound like a jealous human woman.

    • Grazier: Sikes, you said I authorized a priority search on Gayle Warnings?
      Matt: Oh, thanks Captain.
      Grazier: I didn't authorize a priority search on anyone. You forged my signature... again!
      Matt: It tends to speed up the process.

    • Grazier: Sikes, I just came from the mayor's office. She wants me to extend her heartfelt thanks in exposing this dangerous criminal enterprise.
      Matt: Really?
      Grazier: Yeah. Off the record, she told me to tell that dumb SOB, he's cost the city millions and if I could I'd have his ass bounced off the force.

  • Notes

    • The Enemy Within was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Single Genre Television Presentation in 1996. The Emmy went to "Doctor Who".

    • The Enemy Within was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup in a miniseries or special. The Emmy went to "Stephen King's The Shining".

  • Allusions

    • Named Newcomers in this Episode:

      Morris Code: It is a play on words for "Morse Code" which is a type of communication that is accomplished by a series of on-off tones or lights. Patty Melt: This is a sandwich with a hamburger patty sautéed or onions and cheese on bread, which is fried with butter to melt the cheese. Gayle Warnings: Gale Warnings is a warning issued by weather authorities for waterside communities to warn them about high (gale force) winds. Carrie Onbag: It is a play on words for "Carry on bag" which refers to a bag that you carry on an aircraft when traveling.