Alien Nation (1989)

Season 2 Episode 4

The Enemy Within

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1996 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (At the dinner table)
      Susan: In order to fertilize May, you're going to have to conserve your Aklafluid, which means you won't be able to have sex with me for a month.
      George: Well, I realize that it is a … a sacrifice.
      Susan: Well, now that you brought it up, the kind of sex we're having lately, I'll probably not even notice the difference.
      Emily: What do you mean, Mom?
      Susan: All we ever do is the Zechcha position.
      Buck: That's all, not even the Putlach? (looks at his dad)
      George: Oh, Putlach is too rough on my shins, besides we get to bed so late, I'm tired.
      Susan: Well you won't have to worry about that now, will you? You found the perfect excuse to skip the whole thing.
      George: Susan, I don't understand, I thought you'd be delighted.
      Susan: Really, my husband says he's not going to have sex with me for a month, so he can with another female… and I'm supposed to be delighted?
      George: You sound like a jealous human woman.