Alien Nation (1989)

FOX (ended 1990)




  • Season 2 Episode 4: The Enemy Within

  • Chuchlach: Tenctonese word meaning nest, used to in reference to Cathy nesting at Matt's home. Eeno: A lower class of Tenctonese, lived in the lower levels of the ship and were force to survive on garbage and the remains of other Tenctonese. Their spots are faded in color. Dechoch: Tenctonese word meaning savages, used to refer to the Eeno people. Zechcha Position: Tenctonese word referring to a love making position similar to the missionary position. Aklafluid: Tenctonese word meaning the male reproductive fluids.

    Gannau: Tenctonese word referring the male that fertilizes the female during the conception ritual.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Millennium

  • This movie takes place in during the week of December 27th, 1999through January 1st, 2000.

  • Goof: Captain Bryon Grazier first name is spelled Bryan on his name plate on his desk, it is seen after Matt gives him his paper.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Body and Soul

  • Chorboke: Tenctonese word meaning the dark one or keeper of hell. They used this word to refer to the doctor in charge of the special section on the ship where they experimented on the slaves. Cherboucha: A Tenctonese child is placed in a cocoon like apparatus to hibernate for 11 months as part of the development process.

  • OPSIL: "Operation Silence" was a government operation in which Overseers were given death certificates and new identities instead of being prosecuted for their crimes.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Dark Horizon

  • Goof: The movie is supposedely picking up the events at the end of the episode" Green Eyes". Many variations are present . For example, in the final episode, George is home when the flowers arrive and knock them out of Susan's hands. In the movie he is not home. Also, Matt was in the middle of a date with Lorraine and in this episode he has just gotten home. Lorraine Clark was played by"Barbara Bush " in the series, but was re-casted for this movie with " Susanna Thompson".

  • Tenctonese Names:

    Albert's is Glenza

    May's is Okiana. Goof: In the first episode, " Alien Nation ", Albert's Tenctonese name is identified as Linsamonteno, in this movie his name is identified as Glenza.

  • Chekkah: An elite overseer reconnaissance unit.
    Serdos: These are vessels for their souls. They believe that their souls wander at night and these vessels bring them back to re-enter the body.
    Udara: A secret group of warriors.

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