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TELETOON (ended 2006)


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  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of Alien Racers from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.

  • A great show with great characters.

    It's a great show! When I watched it first I thought it was really childish and boring but it turned out to be awesome. The characters are very developed which makes the show much more addicting because you wan't to know more. The best part of the show is definitely the characters.
    The main characters are Ultrox, Gnarl, Skrash and G'rog. My personal favorite is Gnarl because he has a brighter side to him than just killling everyone, even though it disapoints me that he is labled as a bad character from the beginning. I also like Talanna and G'rog but I dislike Kytani, she's kind of weird / freaky. Also, I liked Seadrok (spelling?) more with the whole hidden-in-the-darkness thingy magigy.
    The last little thing that bothers me that most of the time G'rog wins, Gnarl is second and Ultrox saves someone which is kind of awkweird.
  • A great show and a pleasure to watch. This series is awsome. The characters are very well devloped and likeable.

    A great show with amazing and unique characters. We have Ultrox the famous scientist and explorer, with a strong code of ethics and the integrity to stick to them when the going gets tough. (As seen when he attacks his own people to help Gnarl)
    Then we Have Jek the upstart 14 year old kid with a knack for machines (The kids a bonefied engineer) who is always improving the Vatcom, and showing himself a capable racer.
    Kytanni the gamekeeper with her spook like attitude is always worth a laugh though I must admit the way she handles her crush on Ultrox is reminiscing of a ten year old who picks on her/his crush so they won\'t know. Grog few characters are as bad as him when it comes to egos I\'ve only seen two characters on TV as bad as he his . Still he is a good guy and has saved the day a couple of times.
    Gnarl, the word Nazi comes to mind when describing him thinks is race is superior and all others should bow before them, still he has a sense of honour and will always keep his word. Skash the insane nut job who though evil and conniving has saved the day on occasion. I love watching this guy.
    As for Khaddan well I think a couple of quotes will do the trick. When Kytanni quit temporally and the other racers where trying to kill each other Khaddan said \"logic is the guiding force in the universe I will simply appeal to their sense of ethics\" and when he arrived at the scene and saw Skash trying to blow away another racer \"What blatant disregarded for the rules . A stern warning is in order.\" Ya I think you get the idea.
    Then we have our bad guy Akhil you single handily got the Kargnans to destroy themselves cause one of them killed his father (sure they were evil and bend on taking over the universe and enslaving all other races but that\'s not why he killed them.) He now wishes to gain control of the xeno energy and become a God . Only on this show will you see someone who literally saved the universe turnout to be a bad guy.
    As for the story and plot itself very creative, original and well paced. Views are always left wondering what was that all about? The graphics are in my opinion good could use a little fine tuning but the story line and characters more then make up for it.
  • Kinda like N.A.S.C.A.R Racers (loved that show too), except the main character is a scientist!

    Completely awsome show. Knew Kytanni liked Ultrox from the beginning (confurmed it when that Talanna talked about having a crush on him and Kytanni attack! (YES!!) a little predictible though). All the characters are completely developed (from Scrash's sanity to Gnarl's honor code) and I can't see the series without any of them... even Seadrok(sp?) whom I dislike the most (he has his moments but come on folks I liked him better in the dark).

    The 3D graphics could have been done better but it's still one of my favourite series and I hope that it continues (want to D/L the series but can't find it online :().

    (Beast Wars Fan)
  • Not too bad or a show, could be a little better. The story seems a little interesting. The graphic could use a little work. And to make one point clear, the show is not canceled yet. The whole story is just begining, the first part was a test.

    I think the whole story has some potential. I do not want anyone to give up on the series yet. And to say to everyone: The series has not been canceled, besides, the story is not even close to being finished. I personally would like to see more to the whole story. I hope people can give this series another chance. Only one thing I would have liked better is that the 3-D graphics would be a lot better.