Alien Racers

TELETOON (ended 2006)


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  • A great show with great characters.

    It's a great show! When I watched it first I thought it was really childish and boring but it turned out to be awesome. The characters are very developed which makes the show much more addicting because you wan't to know more. The best part of the show is definitely the characters.
    The main characters are Ultrox, Gnarl, Skrash and G'rog. My personal favorite is Gnarl because he has a brighter side to him than just killling everyone, even though it disapoints me that he is labled as a bad character from the beginning. I also like Talanna and G'rog but I dislike Kytani, she's kind of weird / freaky. Also, I liked Seadrok (spelling?) more with the whole hidden-in-the-darkness thingy magigy.
    The last little thing that bothers me that most of the time G'rog wins, Gnarl is second and Ultrox saves someone which is kind of awkweird.