Alienators: Evolution Continues

FOX (ended 2002)


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Alienators: Evolution Continues

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A meteor carrying organisms that evolve at a very quick rate crashes into the Arizona Desert, and a team of four must eliminate all these creatures before they destroy all life on Earth. Follows up to the Ivan Reitman Science-Fiction film, "Evolution" the characters, Ira Kane, Harry Block, Lucy Mai, and Wayne Green must study all these extraterrestrial lifeforms and find a way to defeat them all. THE ALIENATORS IRA KANE A biologist and chemist who is fascinated by scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. His knowledge in science along with his excitement and passion to the idea of quite evolution leads his team to eliminating the Genus. HARRY BLOCK A sports coach who always keeps update on sport scores, etc... and loves teaching women sports. His strategic game plans help the team to victory. WAYNE GREEN A 17-year-old is n training to become a full-fledged fireman. Becoming the first human to be infected with alien DNA, he continues to mutate for brief periods of time. LUCY MAI A tough, shrewd, and aggressive lieutenant who was trained by a Special Forces team called The Blue Berets. She believes that everything should be done by the book, and if it is not explained in the book, they should avoid it. GASSIE Stands for "Genetically Altered Symbiotic Stasis in Evolution". It is the team's pet and was an actual alien neutralized by Ira and evolved into Gassie, who has the ability to track other alien/Genus creatures. When Gassie detects the Genus, he begins to quiver and emit foul smells. ...and the most important enemy: SCOPES is the genus' boss: he's intelligent and he wants to take over the universe with Grenger's help. We'll see Scopes in a lot of episodes in a different "look"(like a bee, a horse or similar).moreless
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  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed enjoyed this!

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live Alienators: Evolution Continues. You have one more (secret) supporter here!
  • Pretty much a rip-off of BOTH Men In Black and the Real Ghostbusters, but still good.

    I've watched on BBC and I gotta say that even though I never saw the movie "Evolution", this is a mixture of both good and bad. "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is obviously a lot like "The Real Ghostbusters"!

    First off, the characters:

    Dr. Ira Kane (played by David Duchovny in the Evolution movie) sorta strikes me as being a cross between Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Egon Spengler.

    Professor Harry Phineas Block (played by Orlando Jones in the Evolution movie) is obviously like Winston Zeddemore with all the hipness and all.

    Wayne Grey (played by Seann William Scott in the Evolution movie) seems to be a bit like Dr. Ray Stantz; cheery, goofy, and likes automobile mechanics. Although, the Wayne in the cartoon looks and acts a lot younger than the Wayne in the movie.

    Lt. Lucy Mai (who never appeared in the Evolution movie, but you could've imagined her being play by Lucy Liu) reminds me of Kylie Griffin (from the Extreme Ghostbusters) cause they're both sarcastic and no-nonsense like that.

    Gassie is obviously like Slimer, cause they're both the sidekicks, that's all.

    Now for the weapons and the vehicles:

    The firetruck is cool, but not as cool as the Ecto-1, I can tell you that!

    The weapons (except for their shampoo ammo) are obviously ripped off from the MIB.

    And as for the main villian Scopes, he's OK, but not as cool as many of the Ghostbusters' foes, such as Samhain, the Boogeyman, the Sandman, and Gozer the Gozerian.

    In conclusion, watch this show if you feel like it.moreless
  • I am sorry. I liked Alienators: Evolution Continues. Ira Kane and his friends are saving the world from a gene aliens. I would watch "Alienators: Evolution Continues" on TV. Is A gene alien taking Ira Kane? Are Ira's friends saving Ira Kane from a gene almoreless

    I liked Alienators: Evolution Continues. Ira Kane and his friends were saving the world from a gene aliens. I would watch "Alienators: Evolution Continues" on TV. I am sorry. Is A gene alien taking Ira Kane? Were Ira's friends saving Ira Kane from a gene alien? I will love Alienators!

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