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The CW (ended 2008)

very bad

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    [1]Sep 6, 2009
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    This show give very wrong idea about Islam this is not fare

    and i didn't found it funny i found it verry silly and full of lies

    and i really feel good about the canceled

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    [2]Sep 7, 2009
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    i would have to disagree, this show is one of the very very few that actually depicts the reality of shows us as normal's not built on cheap humor that ridicules muslims, it's not about extremist muslims plotting against the simply shows a religious muslim that tries to cope with his new life with his host family. all the information shown about the islamic belief are correct...i find the whole show a big step towards fighting islamophobia, racism, generalization and absolute favorite part was the last episode when Raja was talking to Sadika at the he was trying to hold on to his religion...and how Sadika was having troubles with her 2 identities that quite contradict....and at the end it was very realistic when she told him that she is a western girl too...and she needs to experience her society. I know u might be thinking that the show depicted Raja as close minded and too religious...but his personality was built on his traditions in Pakistan as well as his religion..he kept mentioning so ...all in all....i am really disappointed it was canceled..i hope they would reconsider

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    [3]Sep 24, 2009
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    I am not Muslim yet I must agree with Ayman, as he seems to understand the premise of the show better. I too found the show's comedic elements directed towards everything except the religion and I enjoyed the show for that reason. I would never had watched it had it made joke of the Muslim, or any religion. I found some of the situations funny because I currently live in a smaller rural community moving here from larger urban areas my whole life, and have seen people react to those from other cultures as if they were true outer space aliens moreso than happens in larger cities where people are exposed to different cultures more frequently. I having traveled some have faced some of these situations myself, though in reverse. I do feel however, having spent time with many exchange students, that do to the more recent increased sensitivities of the Muslim/Western relationships that this show could have succeeded, and still had the same humorous effects had they used another other exchange student nationality out of the numerous choices. I do miss the shows lightheartedness quite a bit.
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    [4]Nov 24, 2009
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    but i m agree with kogo because it seems that this was made only for making the fun of muslim shouldn't be done because it can hurt someone's feelings. it gives a fake image of muslims in front of the world.
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    [5]Apr 3, 2011
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    I'm also not Muslim. I thought the show had its moments but overall it wasn't "HAHAHAHA" funny...but I did like it. The concept was a good idea but the writing was lacking.

    @man47: Did you bother to read AymanAbdelaziz's post? This is a Muslim's opinion of the show. I can't say I'm surprised this show was cancelled. I like the show enough to keep watching it but for me, there seemed to be something missing to it. Perhaps it was the acting? I didn't think it was very good but whenever I get that feeling from a new show with a mostly unknown cast, I always think back to when "Roseanne" first came out. She was horrible but you could definitely see her grow as an actress as the seasons went by so I try not to discount a new show based on the not so good acting when it first starts. That being said...Even when I watch this show now, I still don't know what was missing. Oh well.
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