Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 5

Help Wanted

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Justin asks Claire what the Lot is. Raja tells him that it's a hangout for all the popular kids. At work, Gary must fire three employees. After he finishes, his boss fires him himself.

Gary prepares to tell Franny about his misfortune, but she blabbers on about how Suzanne Potter, the wife of Rick Potter, whom Gary fired, is taking things. They are miserable. Gary decides to hold off on telling her. Gary talks to the family about money and financial stuff. The next morning, he pretends to go to work. Raja takes to heart what Gary talked about and gets a job. He gets one at the convenient store. At the dinner table, Raja announces that he got a job, which makes Gary want Justin and Claire to get a job. Franny saves them by saying that they need to get their grades up first. Afterwards, though, they will get jobs.

Justin and his friends decide to visit Raja at the store. There, they find out that the Lot is in front of the store. Justin finds Raja and uses some old donuts to weasel his way in to the popular crowd. He gives away free donuts and gains the nickname, "Donut Guy." Gary tries getting a new job and then almost reveals himself to Franny. Raja's boss tells him that he is in charge for the weekend. Gary and Franny talk about how Potter got a new job, which makes Gary upset. Raja won't sell beer to his schoolmates, even if they have an ID. Raja knows that they're fake. Justin tries to get Raja to sell the beer, but Raja is hurt by Justin's betrayal as a friend. Justin gets an old man to buy some, but since he isn't wearing pants, Raja rejects him also. All the cool kids leave the Lot.

Justin and Raja are having a fight. Claire tells Justin to work it out and that he'll never be cool again. Justin apologizes to Raja. Mr. Patel, Raja's boss, gets angry at Raja for not selling beer. Raja gets fired. Gary talks to Raja about how losing a job doesn't define who you are. Gary finally tells Franny that he lost his job.