Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 2

No Man Is An Island

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • Raja embarasses Justin by saying something in one of their classes so Justin proceeds to ignore him. Claire has dumped Jeffrey and Gary tries to help him to win her back.

    I thought this episode was very amusing. Justin and Raja look to be getting on fine at the start, but then Raja says that Justin would be the one thing he would take to an island. Justin naturally is horrified by this, since everyone now thinks they're gay.

    He goes to Claire for help, in which she says to completely avoid Raja (so funny when she says that she does the same thing with Justin; Claire: And yesterday, someone found out we have the same last name, so I told them that we adopted you from a retarded family). As Justin begins to ignore Raja, Raja becomes offended and starts hanging out with 'Small Paul' (an eleven yr old). Eventually Justin goes on the Tv announcements and apologizes, thus making them friends again.

    In other plots: Claire dumps Jeffrey and Gary then helps him. He advises Jeffrey to 'sweep her off her feet'. He does so by playing music outside her window (as pointed out, not an original idea haha). She is swept away and takes him back.

    Overall pretty good episode, and I'm liking the show more and more I watch.
  • Pretty good!

    When asked what they would bring to a deserted desert island, Raja says that he would bring Justin. Everyone teases them and says that they're gay To make things worse, Raja tries to clear things up by explaining how Justin makes out with his pillow pretending it's another girl at school. Justin goes to Claire for advice. She says to ignore Raja at school. Later, when Justin feels alone, Raja abandons him. Justin accepts humiliation from the kids in order to get Raja back. Gary tries to comfort Jeffrey when Claire breaks up with him.

    This was a good episode. It was the first one I saw in the series, I haven't seen the pilot yet. I give it a 9.0 out of 10!
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