Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 14

One Hundred Thousand Miles

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • Raja is sad...

    After Raja ruins the Tolchucks' chance of going to Canada because he prays at the airport, the family unleashes on him. He takes it hard and leaves them. The Tolchucks are all sorry and they want him back. Justin and Gary go off looking for him, but they get stuck when Gary tries to teach Justin how to drive and he slams into a tree. Claire and Franny meet another exchange student family, who is Muslim. Franny seems interested in their German exchange student, while the other family seems interested in Raja. Raja decides to return after talking to Mr. Matthews. The family throws a surprise Muslim feast for Raja when he gets home.

    This episode was really good! I felt bad for Raja after the family blamed him. There were funny parts, but I liked this episode mostly because of the spirit of family and love. I love Justin's singing! Never gets old! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!
  • The Tolchuck family is forced to cancel their plans to vancouver because of a raja, who ends up running away after the incident.

    the scenes at the airport were hilarious,and seem to come out very real. it was good to see a different side of the family when they shared their disappointment. the subtle humour on the show has been great but this episode was more direct and to the point which i think alot of viewers will enjoy. there havent been many characters introduced on this show and it was good to see some new faces and glad to know there's much more than just the 'Tolchucks' in Medora. Justin's been the main lead in most of the episodes and this insight into Raja and his ways was great.