Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Justin describes what it would be like to be an outcast and that he is that outcast. He describes his mom, Franny. She wants him to be normal. His dad, Gary, had a decent job, but always tried to find a way to get money, one way which consisted of breeding alpacas. At school, Justin introduces Claire, his little sister. She runs to her friends, while the Palladino twins walk over. They talk about how Claire got fine over summer. They accuse him of being gay after he tells him that he doesn't sleep with her. They start fighting. Justin says that it went really well, compared to days before. He also talks about how in the locker room, one of the guys let him be in the conversation. Finally, a really pretty girl started talking to him. Good things were also happening to Claire. Claire gets on the list of the top ten most "bangable" girls. Justin also made the list. He realizes that he is unpopular because of himself. Franny hears about the list, so she goes to his guidance counselor, Mr. Matthews. He suggests that they get an exchange student. She quickly agrees! Gary, Franny, and Justin wait for their exchange student at the airport. Franny finds a guy that looks like their exchange student, but instead, they get Raja, teen from Pakistan. They don't seem very happy, even with the smiles on their faces. Justin says that his life has just gotten worse.

They welcome Raja into their home. Franny makes him go to bed and they talk about how to get rid of him. Justin says that he will make his life worse than it already is. As Franny tried to think of a way to give Raja back, Gary starts to take a liking in him. Franny tells Raja that Justin is going to stay home from school. Raja is excited for his first day of school. Raja sees Claire and just stares at her. Everyone at school stares at Raja. In class, the teacher sort of makes Raja feel guilty for the bombings on 9/11. At home, Justin ends up telling Raja just about everything. Justin says he doesn't feel like an outsider anymore, just a weirdo.

Franny and Gary talk to Mr. Matthews about Raja. They are upset that he lied about the student. He made it seem like Raja was going to be a European boy. Franny finds Justin and raja praying on mats. Justin tells them that he and Raja are praying towards Mecca. Franny calls Gary. Claire tells Franny that she wants to go on the pill. She also mentions Jeffrey, a boy from school. Franny lies and tells Justin that Grammy is dying. He is crying, so Franny tells him that she lied. She doesn't want him to become a Muslim. She wants Raja to go back home, but Justin doesn't want him to. Franny tells everyone that there is a problem with the program's insurance. She tells Raja that he has to go home. Gary is disappointed with her for lying. She offers to help Raja pack. She apologizes and Raja says he understands. She mentions his mother and he tells them that his parents have passed away about a year ago. Franny feels pity for him and realizes that he is human too. She tells them that she will let him stay! At the dinner table, Justin says that it was one of the best times they had in a long time. Jeffrey is also over, but they are all laughing and having a good time.