Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2007 on The CW

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  • Full of potential! A very nice show.

    A new comedy show which makes you laugh and think at the same time. The story itself is not so great: a boy from Pakistan comes to USA for an exchange students program, and he's taken in by an american family. What amuse you is how the boy interacts with a total different culture and viceversa, how this american family's lifestile is completely messed up because of him. Besides the differeces between the two cultures and the initial misunderstandings, there is open mind and wish to know each other from both sides, so that the foreign student becomes part of the american family. A very nice show that points out many problems related to a multiethnic society, and it's all matched with hilarious and funny scenes.
  • Good intro!

    Justin is a typical geek, but for his junior year in high school, his mom gets a foreign exchange student to up his "cool" level. It turns out that the exchange student that was supposedly from France is from Pakistan. His name is Raja. Instead of making him cooler, it makes it worse. Justin has a sister named Claire and she has obviously "grown up." Guys are staring, even Raja. When Franny wants to send him back, Justin realizes that Raja is a person too and he wants him to stay.

    This was a great episode! I think this show has potential! I loved seeing Lindsey Shawn from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide! This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Cring inducing

    CW is a network I rarely watch. Perhaps it is because they rarely have decent shows (althought I am a fan of Smallville). Or perhaps it is because I am an oldster, well beyond the networks target audience if 12. But often it is because the values reflected on many of this networks shows are juvenile, the acting is atrocious, and the writing is sub-par. Such is the case for 'Aliens in America'. What begins in the pilot as an amusing time-waster morphs into a cring inducing racist situation comedy that is not funny. In the hands of better script management, this could be an interesting satire but the writers have yet to demonstrate that they know the difference between making fun of American culture and making fun of people who are different from you and I. The scene towards the end of the pilot between the mom and Raja is simply terrible. Raja's compliance to the obvious racist attitude of Franny Tolchuck is as unrealistic as having Raja appear in native garb instead of standard teen shirt and jeans.

    This show needs a lot of improvement if it hoes to avoid the trash heap.
  • Glad it was free on i-Tunes

    I downloaded the pilot from i-Tunes because it was free and watched it. I am glad I did that rather than wasting the space on my DVR. I like the actors who are in the series but I was not interested in any of the characters as I was watching this show. There was nothing exciting going on and I have a feeling the sterotyping is going to get "old" really quick throughout the season. I understand this is the year of the geek but I just didn't feel for this geek or his friend. I didn't find myself laughing at anything that I thought the writers wanted me to laught it.
  • A highly entertaining show that had me laughing on a regular basis.

    Aliens in America was a well written, refreshingly funny show. Rather then going with the slap stick/ no brain required humor that has been dominating lately, Aliens in America went with a subtle, smart, sardonic humor that pokes fun at everything from misguided parents to the ignorance and bigotry found in American society. This show has good casting, good editing, good direction and good acting going for it. Adhir Kalyan does a fantastic job. It's hard to believe he doesn't have a bigger resume. I will definitely watch for him in the future.
    Aliens in America does have a lot of stuff you would expect from an awkward teenager in high school storyline but does it with rare style and intelligence.
  • Aliens in America has its charm, but it's nothing we haven't seen before.

    The show had an interesting premise: lovable loser makes friends with another lovable foreign exchange kid. It sounded interesting, so, I was likely going to tune in. I love Dan Byrd as Justin. But I think he played a very similar role in A Cinderella Story. I was also glad to see Lindsey Shaw and Scott Patterson back on TV. Gary Tolchuck is a whole other character than Luke Danes. But I think the breakout character is none other than the lovable foreign exchange kid, Raja.

    The narration on the episode was a nice touch. It adds a little more pizazz. But the family is very stereotypical: the dad with his big bucks schemes, the stay-at-home mom who wants the best for her son, the loser son who's an outsider in school, and youngest daughter who got hot over the summer. The only out-of-the-ordinary is Raja. And this scares the hell out of the mom. Of course, Justin and Raja bond (this was way too cliche) and Raja later wins over the entire family, including mom. This is nice and all, but I feel like I've seen it all before. In the end, I just wish that Aliens in America brought in something new to an already tired out storyline.
  • So another teen show about a loser kid who is an outcast? Yeah, that's never been done before.

    So umm where exactly was the originality? Another show about a high school loser that will either stay a loser or become cool because of his new friend. Because that's never been done before right? It looks like the white version of Everybody Hates Chris except instead of a black kid hanging out with a white kid; it's a white kid hanging out with a Muslim. The only originality in this show is that they *upgraded* the usual black vs white racism and instead it's focused on the weirdo Pakistan kid. Where exactly was the comedy? Most of it was too stupid to laugh at like the girl hating him because of 9/11. You'd think this country would be past the 9/11 stupidity by now. Wow move on already.
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