Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 7

Purple Heart

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Justin tells a little about what mornings are like at their house. Gary may be caught in the garbage disposal, Claire may have a nose ring, or Franny might accidentally get racist. One morning, Raja starts smoking, which surprised everyone. Raja explains that in Pakistan, it is very common. Franny tells him not to anymore. She also tells them that Gary and her used to smoke and it was hard to quit.

Justin explains Purple Hearts on Veteran's Day. They sort of become like Valentine Hearts to them. Jeffrey breaks up with Claire. Claire is completely devastated. Justin recalls moments that he and Claire have shared together. Justin vandalizes Jeffrey's locker as payback. Justin gets a purple heart for Claire to cheer her up. Everybody starts thinking that Justin is in love with Claire and Claire goes along with it, hoping not to lose her popularity. At home, Franny burns her cooking. When throwing it away, she catches Raja smoking. She gives in and tells him that after this cigarette, she and Raja are quitting for good. Claire tries to apologize to Justin, but she has a hard time. Justin tells her that it's not okay. He tells her that she doesn't exist to him anymore.

Justin is totally ignoring Claire. Gary's job interviews hasn't been going well. Gary smells smoke and finds cigarettes. He scolds Raja for having them when they are really Franny's. Raja and Franny vow to quit. Claire goes to Raja's help for her situation with Justin. Raja suggests to get him invited to a cool party. Claire invites him at lunch, but he declines, making his friends worry. They convince him to go so they can go. Raja and Gary sneak cigarettes. Franny comes outside, so Gary goes into the garage. She smells smoke and finds Gary and a fire!

Justin and his friends arrive at the party. It's everything they've dreamed of. Meanwhile, Gary, Raja, and Franny clean up the fire. They all decide, once and for all, to quit. At the party, Jeffrey wants to get back together with Claire, but she declines. Claire finally has it with Justin and goes off on him. Then, a guy tells Jeffrey that Justin was the one who vandalized his locker. Claire comes to the rescue. They finally make up.
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