Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 7

Purple Heart

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2007 on The CW



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    • (To Franny)
      Raja: I cannot believe this, you just sold me out like an ugly cousin.

    • Raja: (after the fire) If it were not for me, you would still have your cherished family momentos.
      Gary: He's got a point there.

    • Dooley: (after arriving at the party) Am I crying? I think I'm crying.

    • Justin: (Voiceover) You know the saying, "Where's there's smoke, there's fire?" Well, they weren't kidding.

    • Claire: Hey, so uh, I spoke to Tim Chegley and he said if you wanted to come to his party tomorrow night, you could. What do you think?
      Justin: I'm sorry, I don't accept invitations from strangers, and since I no longer have a sister, I don't know who you are, which means you're a stranger.

    • Raja: For Mr. Tolchuck's sake, we must both quit [smoking].
      Franny: We're done! Now!
      Raja: Absolutely!
      Franny: Finished!
      Raja: One last one for the road?
      Franny: No! Okay,!

    • Gary: You betrayed my trust, Raja, and I'm the one who wanted to keep you. (to Franny) He can hear that now!

    • Justin: (Voiceover) Claire was quickly learning what life is like without a brother.

    • Justin: Look, Claire, you've done a lot of crappy things to me in the past, especially this year now that you're Miss Popular, but what you did today in the lunch room crossed the line and we're not going BACK!
      Claire: Justin, wha...
      Justin: Ah! That was the last sentence I ever spoke to you...except for that one, and that get the point! It's over. You don't exist to me anymore.

    • Claire: (about Justin's room) Something's different. Didn't you have a race car bed?
      Justin: Yup, six years ago.
      Claire: Oh...

    • Justin: God! What's wrong with me? Can't even vandalize right!

    • Justin: Okay, here is all my tenth grade tests and book reports, but you're only gonna use them as study guides, right? (both laugh)

    • Jeffrey: You're a great girl, but I need my space.
      Claire: Your space?!
      Jeffrey: See, like right now! You're all up on me!
      Claire: You asked me to come over here!
      Jeffrey: Now it's a big thing! Look, we're over! Cool? Cool!

    • Justin: (Voiceover) At school, there was an electricity in the air. A feeling of excitement and anticipation, which could only mean one thing: Veteran's Day was coming!

    • Franny: The whole idea is that when you come to America, you check your traditions at the border.
      Gary: Otherwise, you just got cannibals running around the streets and we got enough traffic problems as it is.

    • Justin: (to Raja about smoking) You won't eat pork or drink alcohol, but you'll put one of those in your mouth?

    • Claire: Smoking is disgusting...and so last year!

    • Franny: (comes in with a woman) Oh, hey guys, you remember my friend, Audrey, the one with the black husband? We're going power walking!

    • Justin: (Voiceover) Mornings are always an interesting time in the Tolchuck household. You never know what might happen.

    • Claire: We good?
      Justin: Yeah
      Guy: (shouting) Kiss her!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Purpurové srdce (Purple Heart)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: October 24, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Turkey: October 21, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: February 7, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "I Got It From My Mama" - Will.I.Am
      "The Queen And I" - Gym Class Heroes
      "Paisley R" - Library
      "Lights Off" - Trick Daddy Featuring International Jones
      "Feels Good" - Sarah Leila Martin

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