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  • Why cancel it?

    Aliens in America was a very funny show! It definitely deserved a longer run on the CW. It could have gone on for a few more years and gained more of an audience and become an amazing show.
    It was very, very funny. The acting was great, and the characters were very believable. the dialouge was incredibly witty, a rare occurance for TV these days. It was enjoyable and funny. the CW didn't give it enough promotion in my opinion. I only found it because it was free on iTunes. I really wish more episodes could have been made and that this show would be given another chance. Excellent cast, story, everything. Please CW bring it back! =]
  • The basic premise is that a Muslim exchange student from Pakistan comes to live with a Christian family in Wisconsin. And, as you can imagine, chaos ensues. Haha.

    I started watching this show because of Scott Patterson (who played Luke on my favorite show EVER "Gilmore Girls") but I stayed with this show because of its heartwarming off the wall cleverness and originality. Raja comes to live with the Tolchucks (Justin, Gary, Claire and Franny). At first he's not so welcome, because the family expected to get a blonde haired blue eyed exchange student, and when they get a Muslim from Pakistan, they are anything but excited. But after awhile, after laughs and tears, each of the family members learn to love Raja, and by the show's finale, they really seemed like a family.
  • it probably tried to project white sunurban Americans connecting with a non-white foreigner heart to heart, but buying doing so it is affirming racism and stereo-types. Anyway, it is not funny at all.

    Complete waste of time. I felt uncomfortable with the settings of this show. This movie touches sensitive issues, racism and stereo-types. The part that comparing blond guy and Pakistani was setting racism to the audiences. What's wrong with him being not white and having different religion? Why should the show have to set it as disappointment and his pathetic life changes other people's perspectives? I don't get it. I know it probably tried to project white sunurban Americans connecting with a non-white foreigner heart to heart, but buying doing so it is affirming racism and stereo-types. Anyway, it is not funny at all.
  • hi i am mohammed and i am a muslim guy from saudi arabia i have seen every episode of the show and i loved it what i don't understand is why would you shutdown a show has alot of fans all around the world.

    hi i am mohammed and i am a muslim guy from saudi arabia
    i have seen every episode of the show and i loved it what i don't understand is why would you shutdown a show has alot of fans all around the world.. and if you say it might be offensive for muslims .. will i am a muslim and i say its the opposite .. it shows the difficulties that muslims face in america all what i am saying is .. its an interesting show with a very sensitive subject. it doesn't deserve to be shutdown..........hope this massage reach some peoplewho are capable to bring the show back
  • This was Ok.

    This was ok. Not great. I used to like it, but it got boring, offensive, and really grown up. It was boring because a lot of the time, the plot didn't even focus on Raja, the alien border form a foreign country. The one episode was all about Justins dad getting laid off. What in the world does that have to do with a foreign exchange student? It was offensive, because they would spend time making fun of how Raja dressed, and how he was different from the rest of the school. It also got really grown up as the season went on. Like that porn parade at school. This show was okay, but, I'm glad it got taken off air. I wasn't good enough.
  • Brilliant, witty and NOT offensive

    To the person that said this show is offensive and condemnable, I'm also a person of faith and find this show light hearted and funny. This programme is supposed to be taken lightly, no one is supposed to take everything shown here at face value. I did see a little dig in one of the last scenes of the last episode, but it was just something that made me go "oooh a little harsh", but that's it. Stop being so serious and lighten up. If anything this show is trying to take away some of the prejudice that young muslims may be facing (I don't live in a small town in the states so I can't be sure).
  • Aliens in America is very good tv shows. It makes me a laughed a show tv. Aliens in America is very funny. Please do not cancel on show tv. Please Please keep to be contiune an Aliens in America shows in this fall it should be on sunday night.

    Please do not cancel at show tv. I like Aliens in America show tv. I like all actress and actor. they are very talents actress and actor. they are very good job.

    If Aliens in AMerics one season dvd will be arrival soon. I am sure I will buy it someday.

    If cancel it then I am little disappointment. What do you think it should be stay at show tv on Sunday night in this fall?

    I know not enough rating show tv. try to good ideas different more funny action.

    My opinion is Aliens in America is better than America Ideas. I hate America Ideas is very very borning.
  • Completely offensive and condemnable

    Has CW and CBS run out of ideas to sign a contract with such a demeaning show? As a person of any religion or belief, nobody would approve as such a nightmare, confirming the image of Muslims being terrorists and nothing but numb heads. Apart from the broken plot and the dreary jokes with some clichs thrown every now and then, the stereotypic image of how Muslims behave is just completely wrong! What if we bring out a show where it shows Jew or Christian inferior to a Muslim, how ballistic would they go? Instead of ending our favorite and more meaningful shows, they should have boycotted these kind of shows!
  • Not just for laughs!

    what an amazing show! Aliens in America is not only a funny show but also shows Islam in a new way. Islam was shown in some american shows but not like in the character raja, in Lost there is Saeed an iraqi muslim man but when they try to show him practice some rituals they are all wrong.
    But this is the first show were the Muslim person is actually doing the right thing. overall the show is really funny and suits all ages, i hope this show will have more fun stories and run for more seasons in the future :)
  • man when i 1st heard of this i was like god that looks horrible man was i wrong very funny this and reaper are hilarious nice job cw for comdemies drama i hate u guys on that front lol....

    hilarious show love it its a show i miss judged hope it gets picked up... it looked stupid on tv and unfunny but i watched last week online and i love it... every1s hilarious on the show... not to mention max and c.w from vm are on it memories of vm i rly hate cw for cancelling vm so if this or reaper get cancelled ill set out to destroy the cw! but all in all aliens in america is a great show so cw dont be retarted u tards an aa or reaper and btw bring back vm! plz!
  • Justin, an unpopular geek at school, gets an exchange student to help him make friends. However, he wasn't expecting to get Raja, who is from Pakistan. Funny, touching, and a real eye-opener.

    When I first saw the previews for this show, I was thinking what a lot of others probably thought: "Oh my gosh, this show is gonna be HORRIBLE!" But then I watched it and it's actually... great! Aliens in America isn't a huge production saying "Oh, Pakistanis are great! Americans are ignorant! These people are this! Those people are that!". Instead, it just shows how people are just... human. It's a lot like others shows where the geek wants to be popular or at least survive high school, but with some funny twists and subtle hints that racism is wrong. I think this show has a poor review on the site because people rate it without actually watching it and listening to what it has to offer (and ironically, that very idea is what the show is all about). Very underappreciated!
  • A new comedy about an average Wisconsin family, that brings a foreign exchange student from Pakistan into their lives.

    First of all this show is pretty darn funny and I don't know why some people hate it, it isn't racist or anything. Basically the show revolves around a high school kid named Justin who is unpopular and has a low self-esteem (yeah there have been shows about this before), etc and his new friend Raja who's a foreign exchange student from Pakistan who was sent by Justin's mom in a desperate attempt to make her son cool but there was a mix up and they got Raja. It's a pretty good show and has some great laugh out loud moments. I watch every new episode and I always enjoy them. Raja is a good kid with many values and is very religious. But what's interesting is that slowly, you may start to notice that he changes slightly because of American culture and I have noticed this in real life too with immigrant teenagers. Anyways this show is under appreciated, and I think if more people gave it a chance they'd like it too. If you want to watch something else at the same time, tape it. Nothing should stop you from watching good TV.
  • For Gods sake enjoy the COMEDY of Aliens in America cause it's hilarious there is No nudism, No gross sex and No violence. This show teach you something about a culture that most people know nothing about.If you want a good laugh try this show.

    Well its one of the best shows i have seen so far on TV with 2 other shows (Carpoolers & Reaper).the type of show i can see with all my family members, without being embarrassed. I particularly like the role of "Raja" from Pakistan, because he is funny,and doing his role very well.Keep in mind Raja is Indian name.Raja describes an orphan Pakistani boy Who's dream to go to America to study their culture.The clothes he is wearing is usually worn by poor Pakistanis since it is very cheap. This show is good comedy, i find it even more funny since some of the things Raja says or does i can understand. I like the message this show is giving "whats so funny about peace,love and understanding". It is really good to see that people in US are coming up with unique and more liberal ideas about things & people different from them. So people, please watch this show if you want to see television with your kids and parents without worries about sex and violence in racial games just wholesome family entertainment.its definitely one of my favorite shows on TV. and i hope it continues to be so....
  • They cancelled All of Us for this!?!

    I still think All of Us shouldn't be cancelled for this show but nevertheless, this is one great show.

    The story is unoriginal but yet so fresh that I can relate to it. I really feel in love for this show and I wish others would too. Most people say this is a waste of time and prejudges against Arabic groups. Actually, they were trying to make a point and they only use jokes about Arabics, Muslims, and Iraq only for the first three episodes. The other episodes are usually about Justin. Also, the whole premise of the show is not about Arabian groups (they said that he's Arabian so they have their show picked up.) but it is about learning about life.
  • a great show highlighting the growth of two different cultures out of huge differences between them.

    one of the best and my favorite show on television this season...its a beautiful example of showing respect to others despite of personal, political, social and religious differences. its really nice to see that the show actually highlights the moral values,bondings and kindness of the typical American family which, unfortunately cannot be seen in most of the other shows. because, the themes are concentrating on fashion, violence, sex etc. the comedy is hilarious and acting is very mature and entertaining. its a good thing that now there are few things on television that we can see with our parents and kids, especially without being embarrassed by sexual or violent themes. come on people, do watch the show because there is no racism just wholesome family entertainment.Hats off to the crew.
  • This show is awesome but many people have no appreciation.....

    This show is awesome and so well made. Though not many people like it. This show shows the truth and nothing but the truth. It's not fake truth, it's truth truth. True things that would happen and high school an what people do in high school. Also shows the problems teens have in high school. I like this show so much an it really is funny. This is one of my top favorites to watch Monday night. This show is definitely going somewhere an I want to stick with it all the way. Hopefully more people have appreciation for this show in the future because this show is definitely great.
  • People should really give this show a chance. It's really funny, orginal and has a side to it that is very touching and unique.

    I was looking for something on my TiVo when all of the sudden i saw a show called "Aliens in America" i thought it sounded interesting so I recorded an episode. I was very pleased with what i had found. It was a new, fresh and great show that kept me wanting more. The characters are lovable, interesting and funny. Also, none of the actors are really famous which gives the show an advantage because it seems more real. The Tolchucks are an average American family who decide to take a foreign exchange student into their home to give their son, Justin a buddy. What they get is a Pakistani boy. They are not pleased and at first, come off a little cruel to him. However, they come to accept him and realize that they were wrong to judge him. This show is very orginal and touching, not to mention hilarious. Watch It!
  • A great show that seems to still be in the shadows.

    Aliens in America is a great show! A TV show about a foreign exchange student from Pakistan coming to America, who would've thought of that? The comedy and situations are great! I have to say it's a little inappropriate, but I'm not offended. Lindsey Shaw from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a great actress and not what I expected! Dan Byrd is also great! The parents are average ones and the students at school are also good! This show is about everyday life in high school...with a foreign exchange student from Pakistan of course! This show is great and gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • this show has its down but i still like dosent look like its going to last very long.

    A Wisconsin mom arranges to host a foreign exchange student, believing the visitor will help her shy son become more popular. When the student turns out to be a Muslim teenager from Pakistan, her plans go awry - and everyone is likely to learn a little lesson about life.
    A Wisconsin mom arranges to host a foreign exchange student, believing the visitor will help her shy son become more popular. When the student turns out to be a Muslim teenager from Pakistan, her plans go awry - and everyone is likely to learn a little lesson about life.A Wisconsin mom arranges to host a foreign exchange student, believing the visitor will help her shy son become more popular. When the student turns out to be a Muslim teenager from Pakistan, her plans go awry - and everyone is likely to learn a little lesson about life.
  • One of the best new shows to come out this year, Aliens in America seems to be well misunderstood by too many politically correct, clueless viewers.

    Aliens in America is one of my favorite new shows to come out this year. Message boards and forums across the internet are filled with comments by people who choose not to use their head, but instead fall back on their preprogrammed responses to anything that doesn't paint white Americans in a superb light. Those that claim this show is racist apparently missed the point (and obviously their common sense pill from their higher being). In the first episode they're attempting to show that the stereotype is wrong from what is drilled into our heads in America on a daily basis regarding this group of people (and others). The parents are worried because our country IS racist and the only view of middle eastern people they(we) have is tainted because of the government backed propaganda machine that fuels it. They come to find out after they get to know him a bit that he's just another human being on this planet trying to get by like the rest of us.

    Quite a few critics are claiming racism because of the correct portrayal of a family who is surprised by what they get, either these people are hiding the truth or purposely ignoring it. They need to attempt to remove the ideas that have been planted by malicious groups and leaders so that this isn't a common misconception amoung Americans, but for now it most certainly is. The show is just showing us the stupidity of the average American and the fact that we condemn people we don't even really know anything about. If anything I'd call this show anti-racist, but even that isn't really correct since it mostly isn't even about race. It seems to me that the core of the show is about kids who want to fit in and make it through the popularity contest that is the American high school.

    I give this show 9.5/10, it's very funny and entertaining. Hopefully it will be around for a long time regardless of the clueless people who won't bother to give it a chance because of their own insecurities.
  • A really funny show that I never expected anything from.

    THis is another shoe I watched only for the "Gilmore Girls" alumni, Scott Patterson, and because it was free on iTunes. I am not a loyal follower of this show but I find it to be a great show to watch casully without commitment to the show forever. It is really funny because how clueless Raja is and how no one can really help him, he just has to learn for himself. I am excited to see what crazy scenarios will play out in this new show. One great thing about it is that there is nothing else on tv like it. I really didnt expect to like it at all but it has completely surpassed my expectations.
  • A little gem

    This show is airing on the CW, which means nobody is watching it. But it's shaping up to be one of the best new shows of the season. It's the lowest rated show on Mondays, but hopefully since it is on the CW, expectations for ratings are not that high. It's also received much critical praise, which hopefully will help it at least make it through a full season. A Wisconsin family takes in a foreign exchange student and the entire family is learning from him. Amy Pietz is dead-on as the mom. I've always thought she was a good comedic actress, but she has really shown great depth here. I like Scott Patterson as the dad too. I never saw Gilmore Girls so I'd never seen what he could do, but he's very good. The cast works well together and I hope more people find this little gem before it's too late.
  • The show focuses on Justin a misfit who doesn't fit in. His mother desperate to find him a friend signs up for a foreign exchange student. Her plans are crushed when instead of getting a cool Swedish student they get a kid from Pakistan.

    This show is so cute! At first I was skeptical but if this show continues at its current pace it will definitely become one of my favorites. It is unconventional and to some it may not seem to fit in with the usual CW line up but it is a very funny sitcom that has a lot of potential for growth. It is one of those quirky shows a la Scrubs that if appreciated could just take off and become a major hit! Justin is in for a surprise when his odd exchange student, Raja turns out to be a normal kid, just trying to fit in, much like Justin himself!
  • Hits Off splendidly! It would be the next BIG THING

    The show is lovable and has plenty of funny momemts, but it has some flaws:

    1)The very first, objection is that of accent. It seems to be a stereotype. I am a Pakistani, and I have never heard that accent. Where do these people get there research from? 2)The name first name Raja, seems to be odd for a Paki and a muslim. It looks to have some sort of Indian influence.
    3)Raja, is shown to be a moderate Pakistani muslim, yet he is dressed in "Shalwar Kurta". Any moderate Pakistani, would be dressed in Western Styled Clothing, if he lands in US. But, it is acceptable, if they aim to show the culture. The aim is not to criticize, but only to point that, Raja's character could have been depicted in a more positive outlook. All in all, a wonderful effort, to project a positive outlook for Muslims as a whole. This country and the world needs this, especially with all the distortion of harmony, brought about by the wrath of war.
  • Raja is so sweet ! =]

    Okay let me start off by saying I'm Muslim-American & an Arab too, but I wasn't offended by the show. It's supposed to be funny. It's not like we're all uptight and can't take a joke, geez. Anyway, I think Raja was incredibly sweet and I would LOVE to have him as a friend. Yes, the family was racist toward him, but that's the point - to prove them wrong in the end. I actually cried when Raja told them that his parents had died. That was the turning point of the episode that made the mother realize how wrong she had been. Anyway, other than that, the show is pretty funny but sometimes the jokes are pretty dry. And I can't believe Lindsey Shaw would play a part like this after being Moze on Ned's Declassified !
  • When I first heard about this I thought what a waste of time, but was I wrong.

    When I first heard I thought I wasn't going to waste my time. But since I like Everybody Hates Chris, I figured well I'll give it a chance and probably shut it off after five minutes. Needless to say I didn't shut it off and completely enjoyed it. I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing but it was funny and amusing. I love the look on the mother's face when she saw her son praying, the lie about grandma dying. The cast is great. I only hope that it will actually get some attention and not lost in the shuffle since it's on CW.
  • Hillarious!!

    Not since the first couple of seasons of Malcom in the Middle have I seen something this funny. I think that it will complement Everybody Hates Chris pretty well. And I can't wait to see all the uproar that the advocacy groups will no doubtedly make.

    I think people need to learn to relax and laugh at themselves every once in a while. I think a lot of young people can relate with some of the characters. The young man that just does not seem to fit in anywhere and has no one to relate his troubles to. Who doesn't remember feeling like that?

    Then you have the middle eastern boy that is out of his native surroundings but eager to embrace what he doesn't really know. And then you have the reaction of the family that is stuck in a very awkward situation.

    I think that the CW has another hit on their hands.