Aliens in America

Season 1 Episode 3

Rocket Club

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 15, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Justin tells how Raja is different from everyone. Then, Raja tells Franny about a boy who was smoking marijuana on the bus, which puts Franny into over-protective mode. She locks the internet and looks through all of Justin's stuff. Justin explains to us his wonderful idea called, "Rocket Club." He, Dooley and Craig came up with it as an excuse to look at, basically, porn. He also adds how Dan Archer is supposedly in it. It's the one place where Justin can just get away from reality. Claire wants to be a cheerleader, while Raja is interested in Justin's "Rocket Club."

Raja isn't pleased with "Rocket Club," but Justin makes him lie to Franny about it. Raja goes too far with his lie causing Justin and the others to plan how to keep "Rocket Club" secret. Claire is trying out for auditioning and Becky, a mean girl, tells her what it's all about. Raja wants to actually build a model rocket in order to make right his wrong. It causes some problems, leading people to think he's a terrorist. Justin goes to a pornographic website called, "Rack Rankers" on Raja's computer. The police arrive and Justin panics.

Apparently, Raja was too much of a threat to others, so the police took him. Franny tells the cop about "Rocket Club," which makes Justin panic even more. She calls for an emergency meeting with Mr. Matthews, who Justin said was the leader of the club. There, Justin admits that there is no "Rocket Club." The police want to check Raja's computer for any proof of terrorism. Justin doesn't want to get caught so he brings up civil rights.

Claire doesn't make the squad because of Raja's incident. Everybody thinks he's a terrorist. Franny puts cameras all over the house. Raja wants to give his computer up to the police. Justin tells him about the website. Raja takes the fall for Justin, saying that he was the one who went on it. Justin couldn't let Raja take the blame, so he fesses up. He apologizes to Raja as well. Franny slowly starts trusting them again. Justin gets Mr. Matthews to start a real rocket club, in order to make up for everything. They launch their rocket...right into Becky and make a run for it.