Aliens in the Family

ABC (ended 1996)


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  • Season 1
    • A Very Brody Tweeznax
      While Doug makes plans to have a "Brody Family Vacation," Sally daydreams about spending her time off having romantic dinners with a handsome exotic man. In preparation, Sally offers to have Bobut's passport photo taken by a happy clown. . .but the clown's happiness turns to despair when Bobut attacks him. Meanwhile, Spit invents a fake alien holiday as an excuse to get out of his schoolwork. But when little Bobut overhears Spit telling his siblings about it, Bobut expects a Tweeznax celebration.moreless
    • Dissected and Neglected
      Sally tries unsuccessfully to teach Bobut his ABC's. Cookie's in a conundrum when she meets Doug's boss's wife, Holly, and realizes that she once abducted Holly and dissected her brain. Doug tries to use the information to his advantage, which backfires when Holly announces she's getting a divorce. Snizzie creates a breed of mutant Yuccles, a candy that she loves. The puppet candies that call her "Mommy" are at first a burden, but they soon attack the school bully and finally move out and get their own TV show -- which bears a strong resemblance to "Friends."moreless
    • Respect Your Elders
      Two of The Elders of the Neurtron Galactic Federation, the supreme beings who rule over the destinies of the alien Brody family members, pay a visit to see how future leader Bobut is being raised. Bobut quickly becomes disillusioned with High Elder Prissy's training methods (and the heavy crown he has to wear), so it's up to Doug to prove to Prissy that Bobut is being properly educated. Meanwhile, Heather goes out of her way to impress a clique of popular girls by having Spit gross them out.moreless
    • Too Good to Be True
      Snizzy invents a duplicating machine that makes things nicer. When Bobut insists on acquiring a Stinky Stevie doll ("the doll that barfs on you") that his parents won't let him have, he clones himself and the real Bobut sneaks off to the toy factory. Doug and Cookie fear that they've done something wrong to make cloned Bobut so insipidly sweet -- while the real Bobut finds himself being packed and shipped to two obnoxious rich children.moreless
    • You Don't Have a Pet to Be Popular
      Sally puts Bobut on a no-pudding diet and his usual antics ensue. The family gets hyped up when Spit's pet, Varch, a Harnazian Funazz, comes to live with the family. Varch takes an instant liking to Heather, who can't stand him. To make matters worse, Heather's new boyfriend, Ethan, comes to visit, and Varch welcomes him by eating the boy. But Heather feels bad when she finds Varch asleep in her closet and throws a shoe at him – but he doesn't wake up. Heather thinks Varch is dead, but doesn't realize his breed sheds their exoskin.moreless
    • Cookie Makes Some Dough
      Heather gets a zit, so Snizzy conjures up some anti-zit cream. Cookie gets a job at Doug's company and becomes vice-president after one day at work. But problems arise when an efficient robot that she's brought to work is a threat to all of her co-workers' jobs.
    • Bobut Conquers All
      Doug has contracted the flu. Adam tries desperately to get sick to avoid having to wrestle at school, but Doug's mutating, talking germs get everyone else in the family sick. Sally, who has become Bobut's prisoner more than his nanny, is unhappy with the way her life is going, so Bobut tries to find her true love – by using mind-control and holding a man captive.moreless
    • Meet the Brodys
      Meet the Brodys
      Episode 1
      Sally begins her job as Bobut's new nanny, to Bobut's amusement. Adam and Snizzy reanimate a dead frog. . .which then mutates and begins terrorizing the town. Bobut goes on a playdate with Doug's boss' son, and winds up using mind-control on the boss to get Doug an undeserved promotion. Doug happily accepts the promotion at first, but then the responsibility becomes too much to bear.moreless