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  • Episode 3 and 4
    Episode 3
    Cumings and goings. Episode 3. Kayla returns from her vet conference with bad news, she has lost Maddie's dog (Jack). Not only does Maddie find out her dog is missing but is surprised when her brother (Joe) arrives on the door step saying he quit university but won't tell her why. Maddie and her boyfriend (Greg) are head over heels in love but when she starts to see the ghost of her dead fianc??e (Marshall), she begins to doubt her sanity. Marshall appears at the most awkward moments like when Greg and Maddie are having sex. Greg wants to move in with Maddie and gets her a replacement for Jack - a bulldog whose name is also Jack. Can Maddie forgive Kayla for sleeping with her brother and losing her dog? Fans of private parts. Episode 4. Joe brings home a girl (Claudia) who is a huge fan of Maddie's work. Maddie likes Claudia so much that when Claudia annoces she needs a new place to stay, Maddie suggests she moves in with them but Joe is already seeing someone else. Greg becomes insecure of his penis size as Maddie suspects he is cheating on her after Jack (the dog) knocked his phone and showed a text message from a girl, while the ghost of her ex (Marshall) finally says goodbye. Maddie can't remember if she slept with a good looking guy (Sam) after she arrived home with him and Claudia is beside herself with worry after she sleeps with a guy she met at the pub (Andy) and he passes out.moreless
  • Episode 1 and 2.
    Episode 2
    Maddie is an innocent artist who has traveled the world. Kayla is a veterinarian who is a man-eater. Maddie wakes up in a hospital bed after walking in on her fiance with someone else. She goes to stay with Kayla and is thrown into a world of men! How will Maddie cope? Kayla decides the best gift to cheer up her best friend is a dog, who is dumped at her clinic. Jack is a naughty pooch who eats bras, condoms and everything else. After Maddie meets Trent a sexy builder she is shocked that he is interested in her but will Jack ruin their first night together? Episode 2 Maddie is saddened to learn of the death of her ex and is dumped by Trent she decides to drown her sorrows at the local pub with her baby-sitter Brad, who Kayla ordered to keep an eye on her friend while she goes to a vet conference with Jack. With Kayla out of town, Maddie learns that men can be bastards and you can find love when you least expect it.moreless
  • Suddenly single.
    Episode 1
    A story about two very different single girls and one cute but naughty dog. This funny story is about sex, love and friendship. After Maddie ends up in the hospital, Kayla, her best friend since school drags her back to live with her and that's when the adventure starts.....