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The show is all about the multi-racial Craddock family. The show is set in the city of Birmingham, England. When Rupinder and Colin married, two families were brought together. There are plenty of laughs and hilarious family situations, as told by a very special member of the family, Raj. Raj is 12 years old and suffers from cerebal palsy, and narrates the madness that is going on in the house.
Colin works as a builder. He is the father of Peter and Leo, and married Rupinder. He has a lot of things that he hates, including the Euro and architects!
Rupinder is a caring mother who stays at home. She married Colin and is mother to Raj and Kavita. She is also Sima's sister.
Raj is twelve years old, and suffers from cerebal palsy. He never speaks in the episodes, but narrates and explains the madness that is going on around him.
Leo is obsessed with Maths and spends most of his free time reading his Maths books and counting things. Unforunately, Leo is often told by his family that he needs to start acting more normal. So he obviously doesn't becoming a mosher in series 3.
Sima is Rupinder's sister, and can often get sick and tired of Rupinder's interference with her life, especially when it comes to boyfriends.
Peter can sometimes feel nervous about talking to his Dad, especially when it comes to talking about his career choices. Peter wants to be an architect, and Colin hates architects!
Kavita is as normal as can be with the crazy family atmospheir. Raj tells us that she is a bit like Anne Robinson, and often argues with Leo.
Miranda & Charles:
Miranda & Charles are nextdoor neighbours of Colin and Rupinder. They are earth lovers and care for the planet as a whole. Althought sometimes their ways apear alittle bit on the strange side, as Colin and the family notice.
Billy works with Colin, and is also a family friend. Hes recently got a bigger part to play in the show, as the not so bright best friend, but he has his bright moments.moreless
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  • When it is revealed that the writers of All About Me are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.moreless

    When it is revealed that the writers of All About Me are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack. he leaves on a quest to get the episode pulled with him in tow they leave. But when he learns that he wishes to get the series cancelled he tries to stop him. And fails to be continued next week.

  • A 'family' sit-com seen through the eyes of one child who suffers with cerebal palsy.

    This show is a big driveling pile of 'politically correct' toss. A multi cultural family complete with a disabled child... come on.

    It is trying so hard to be radical by mixing these two marginalized groups together that it forgets to actually make a decent show to go along with it. The attempts at gags are weak and poorly executed and the characters just dismal.

    What you get ironically ends up being offensive because its simply so bad.

    It completely fails to present any form of positive message and just draws attention to its lame attempts at political ideology.

    I have always liked jasper carrot and he is a very good comedian but even he fails to turn my look of horror into a smile at any point during this claptrap.moreless

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