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All About the Andersons

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Comedy sensation Anthony Anderson (Barbershop, Me, Myself & Irene, Big Momma's House, Life) brings his unique brand of humor to The WB in a new multi-ethnic comedy. Anthony plays a struggling actor and single dad trying to provide a stable environment for his 8-year-old son, Tuga (newcomer Damani Roberts). Anthony soon learns that it's hard to come back home. Even though he has the love and support of his mother Flo (Roz Ryan, Amen), Anthony constantly clashes with his cantankerous father Joe (John Amos, Good Times, The West Wing). Joe has never understood his son's dream of becoming an actor. He wants Anthony to abandon his hopes and take a "real job" working in the family beauty salon/barber shop. Joe is not above using extreme measures to keep his son from "freeloading." Locking the refrigerator, rationing electricity, and charging Anthony rent to sleep in the garage are all part of Joe's eccentric plan to help Anthony grow up. To complicate things even further, Anthony's old room is being rented out to a medical student, whom Joe sees as the "successful white son he's never had." One bright spot in Anthony's new life at his parents' house is the family's 18-year-old Latina neighbor Lydia (Aimee Garcia, Greetings From Tucson). Lydia not only supports Anthony's plans to become an actor, she also loves to hang out with the family and to babysit Tuga. With his acting career going nowhere, Anthony is torn between providing for his son and teaching him about determination. He is almost convinced that he must put his acting ambitions on hold and give in to Joe's demands that he change the direction of his life. It takes Tuga to remind him that, aside from each other, their dreams are all they have. This semi-autobiographical comedy about fathers and sons is from actor/producer Anthony Anderson, writer/producer Adam Glass, executive producer Marco Pennette (Caroline in the City) and executive producer/director James Widdoes (Reba, My Wife and Kids) for Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. (From Press Release) Theme Song: They Say the Apple Don't Fall too Far from the Tree Who Ever Came up With that One Must've Not Heard About Me Papa Used to Say he Could'nt Understand Mama Must've Been Spending Time with the Milkman Puttin' One Foot in Front of the Other Just Step By Step and Day by Day You Can't Stop the Brothermoreless
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  • He calls him after coming home with her.

    He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby. Beth wants to tell him about her secret but she decide not to even if she knows it would have helped him in this situation. he is stressed about it all because she dont like her secret. Seb tries to support her as usual and he is telling her she is not the one doing something wrong but her is. It is not he fault that she keeps on with her lies.moreless
  • This show was "like totally" boring

    I dunno who thought of this boring show but whoever did needs to be shot. First of all it didn't even make since and first of all it was put on the wrong network. Since when does a black t.v. show make it on the WB. Heck, This show wouldnt even have made it on UPN!

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