All About the Andersons

The WB (ended 2004)


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  • He calls him after coming home with her.

    He calls him after coming home with her. He tells him that she dont want to talk to her about things and she has not even been to the hospital for a check after loosing the baby. Beth wants to tell him about her secret but she decide not to even if she knows it would have helped him in this situation. he is stressed about it all because she dont like her secret. Seb tries to support her as usual and he is telling her she is not the one doing something wrong but her is. It is not he fault that she keeps on with her lies.
  • This show was "like totally" boring

    I dunno who thought of this boring show but whoever did needs to be shot. First of all it didn't even make since and first of all it was put on the wrong network. Since when does a black t.v. show make it on the WB. Heck, This show wouldnt even have made it on UPN!