All About the Andersons - Season 1

The WB (ended 2004)


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  • Face the Music
    Face the Music
    Episode 16
    In order to encourage Tuga to continue his piano lessons, Anthony takes up clarinet again and begins taking lessons with Tuga's teacher. The teacher is so impressed with Anthony's musical ability she invites him to be part of a recital, but doesn't tell him the average age of the musicians is 9.moreless
  • Into the Woods
    Into the Woods
    Episode 15
    Anthony and Joe put their differences aside and take a group of kids camping in order to help Tuga make new friends. Back at home, Marcus agrees to host a lingerie party for Flo, Lydia and their friends, but things take a turn for the worse when Marcus discovers he has Anthony's camping clothes and Anthony has the lingerie.moreless
  • Time Bandit
    Time Bandit
    Episode 14
    Anthony reconnects with a childhood friend with a rap sheet, raising concern from Joe that he might be a bad influence.
  • Home Movie
    Home Movie
    Episode 13
    When Tuga has to do a school project about his family, he worries that the kids will continue to tease him because his mother doesn't live with him. Determined to teach Tuga the true meaning of family, Anthony, Joe and Flo go overboard producing a home movie.
  • One Flew Over the Kai-Kai's Nest
    Anthony becomes concerned when he realizes that Tuga's new best friend is imaginary. Seeing it as a deeper problem, Anthony and John visit a child psychiatrist and are told that their anger toward each other may be the root of Tuga's problem. Meanwhile, Lydia enhances her cleavage in an attempt to improve her love life.moreless
  • Get Out of Dodge...Ball
    When the future of dodge ball at Tuga's school is in question because some of the parents think it's too rough, Anthony and Joe challenge the skeptical parents to a game with the winning team being able to give their recommendation to the school board. Meanwhile, Lydia must make a decision about her future in medicine after she continually faints at the sight of blood.moreless
  • Training Wheels
    Training Wheels
    Episode 10
    When Joe buys Tuga a bike, Anthony has to admit the reason he is against the gift is that he doesn't know how to ride a bike, which of course involves Joe. Meanwhile, Lydia tutors a boy-genius medical student, but things get complicated when she realizes he has a crush on her and wants her to deflower him.moreless
  • Joe's Big Break
    Joe's Big Break
    Episode 9
    Anthony puts his career dreams on the line when he accepts Joe's bet that he can land an acting job before Anthony does. Meanwhile, Lydia is hesitant to speak at a medical school fund-raiser when she discovers they only asked her is because of her nationality.
  • Everyone Plays
    Everyone Plays
    Episode 8
    Joe criticizes the way Anthony coaches Tuga's tee-ball team and insists on taking over. Things turn even uglier when Joe's "winning is everything" philosophy clashes with Anthony's laid-back style. Meanwhile, Lydia struggles with keeping her medical knowledge and studies away from the salon when working, as she frightens the customers with her input.moreless
  • Flo's Dream
    Flo's Dream
    Episode 7
    Anthony goes against Joe's wishes and plans what he believes is the perfect birthday surprise for Flo, to reunite her with her old band mate and give his mom one more moment in spotlight. However, when Anthony learns the truth about why Flo stopped performing, he goes to great lengths to protect her from getting hurt.moreless
  • My Hero
    My Hero
    Episode 6
    Anthony discovers that Tuga has lied to his teachers about his father's profession as he is embarrassed that his father is not a successful actor. Tuga tells people that Anthony is a heroic fire-fighter. Things get even worse as Anthony takes on a very demanding role in a movie and plays a robbing thug-- much to the dismay of his family members.moreless
  • The Golden Child
    The Golden Child
    Episode 5
    Anthony wrecks Joe's car, but Lydia takes the blame because she thinks Joe will be more forgiving of her than he would be of Anthony. Although Lydia learns that is not the case. Plus, Joe tries to be nicer and understanding to Anthony after the accident (which he doesn't think he caused) by taking hanging out together.moreless
  • It's My Son, I Can Raise Him If I Want To
    When Joe and Flo criticize Anthony's parenting skills and his leniency with Tuga, Anthony announces that he no longer wants their help. After a taste of life without the support of his family, however, Anthony realizes that Tuga needs a father more than he needs a buddy, and the family comes to terms on how they can raise Tuga together.moreless
  • Go with the Flo
    Go with the Flo
    Episode 3
    When Anthony convinces his mom to become more independent and socialize without Joe, it leaves the men of the house to take care of themselves, and Joe begins to realize how much he takes Flo for granted.
  • Don't Be a Dater Hater
    Preparing for his first date in 10 years, Anthony turns to his parents for advice on how to gently tell Tuga the truth after setting the date which upsets Tuga, but he doesn't know yet that his mom left for good.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Anthony is a struggling actor and single dad trying to provide a stable environment for his 8-year-old son, Tuga. As soon as Anthony moves back into his parents' home, he immediately remembers why he left in the first place. His mother Flo is always understanding and supportive, but his cantankerous father Joe wants Anthony to abandon his acting hopes and take a "real job" working in the family beauty salon/barber shop. To complicate things, Anthony's old room is being rented out to a Latina medical student, Lydia, leaving Anthony alone in the garage. Torn between teaching his son about determination and providing for him, Anthony is about to put his dreams on hold. It takes Tuga to remind him that, aside from each other, their dreams are all they have.moreless