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  • Season 1
    • New Girl in Town
      New Girl in Town
      Episode 13
      At the Loft the girls reminisce about Alecia's first days at school as a new student just arrived from Alabama. Cris recalls how she met Alecia by jerking some headphones off her head, saving her from a teacher's wrath. Later Alecia sees Sierra in English class, illustrating an "emotional moment" by talking about water pollution! At lunch Cris and Sierra invite Alecia to sit with them and introduce her to Niki. More reminiscing: Alecia calls Castelli for a math assignment and hears a loud party going on. Cris invites Alecia and her brother Mikey over and they go, even though it's a school night. At the party Niki's boyfriend Riley kisses Alecia. Niki sees it and assumes it's all Alecia's doing. Now all three of her new friends have turned against her. Alecia and Mikey get caught sneaking back from the party and are grounded. At school in Mr. Henley's class, Alecia illustrates her "emotional moment" by singing a song, but she flees the classroom after she finishes. Cris and Sierra come by Alecia's house later and tells her they may have misjudged her, and assure her that Niki will come around too, in time.moreless
    • The Making of...
      The Making of...
      Episode 12
      Alecia and Sierra get a vague school assignment to illustrate an aspect of contemporary culture, so they decide to team up and produce a music video. Castelli and Niki try to raise funds so that the basketball team (and Niki) can go to Miami for the WNBA All-Star Game. Both projects run into problems. Sierra and Alecia are both mainly interested in their specialties, directing and performing, respectively, and they both are dissatisfied with the others' work. Meanwhile Niki and Cris aren't proving to be very good solicitors, so Niki comes up with the idea of giving $10 makeovers at school and at the Loft. But that plan fizzles out, too. The fighting between Sierra and Alecia gets so bad that the other two girls hold a "friendship intervention--mandatory therapy." Alecia and Sierra snipe at each other at first but then realize that they both were insecure about their own talents. The girls come up with a solution to both sets of problems when they add Castelli's hunky brother Steven to the video to attract female attention, then show it at a benefit screening.moreless
    • Behind the Music
      Behind the Music
      Episode 11
      Alecia is having a great time singing with the rock band that Niki's boyfriend Ethan belongs to. The band gets a big gig opening for rock star Samantha Slinky at the Loft. Lots of record company people will be there, so Niki determines to give Ethan a rock star makeover. That starts Alecia worrying that she doesn't look the part of a rock singer. She imagines that her butt is way too big, and her delusion gets worse when her mom says she's going on a diet because the women in her family tend to get "hippy" as they age. Meanwhile, Cris and Sierra try to come up with a band name to replace "Itchy Boxers!"

      Alecia goes on an unnecessarily strict diet and begins almost constant exercise to lose the imagined inches off her butt. At school she almost passes out from lack of food and fatigue. Her personality is affected too, as she gets into an argument with the band and is fired and/or quits on the eve of the big gig. When she returns home, Alecia finds the girls waiting for her, along with her mother, whom they contacted out of concern for her. Mom and Niki say they think they might have contributed to Alecia's fears by talking about appearances, and the girls all agree that media images give women an impossible standard for everyone to live up to. Mrs. Alcott insists that Alecia eat, something her daughter is now ready to do. Alecia makes up with the band, given the name "Cool With Me" at the last minute, and the gig goes off successfully.moreless
    • The Scare
      The Scare
      Episode 10
      Niki is concerned about a mole growing on her shoulder, mainly because it won't look good in sleeveless tops, so the other girls encourage her to go see a dermatologist about it. She does this and comes back with some unexpected news: the doctor took a biopsy to determine whether or not she has a case of skin cancer.
      During the five days it takes for the biopsy results to come back, the other girls are all worried and very solicitous of Niki. At first Niki downplays any danger, then she gets irritated at her friends' constant efforts to do something for her. Mrs. Merrick tries to get her daughter to open up about what she's going through but Niki won't say much because she thinks that, judging from the past, her mom won't be able to handle such a major problem. But Sierra finally calls Mrs. Merrick up and asks for her help after Niki has pushed her friends away. At the Loft, Juliana Merrick meets her daughter and talks to her. Niki confesses her fears and say she's tired of being strong. She also say she feared her mother couldn't handle bad news. Mom tells Niki she'll help her through the crisis no matter what, if she will allow it.
      Castelli can't take waiting for news about the biopsy results and goes to the hospital despite Niki's asking the girls not to come. When she gets there she says a prayer in the chapel that Niki walks in on and overhears. The two girls talk about the effect this experience has had on their faith. Niki says a prayer herself before departing. Maybe, she says, the closeness and understanding this ordeal has brought her with her mother and friends is a good thing. Back home, Alecia, Sierra, Steven and Sean wait anxiously until Niki arrives with the good news that her mole wasn't cancerous.moreless
    • Basic Black
      Basic Black
      Episode 9
      Logan and a couple of fellow students ask for Sierra's help in forming an African-American history club. She readily agrees and throws herself into the job, as usual. One of her ideas is for a fund-raising concert. But when Alecia, Niki and Castelli find out that others got an e-mail inviting them to a meeting about the benefit while none of them received one, they wonder if Sierra excluded them because they are white. Meanwhile, when the girls miss the meeting, Sierra wonders if the girls have no interest in her new venture because it's aimed at black students. A series of misunderstandings follows, which culminates with Alecia being turned down when she volunteers to sing at the benefit. But both Sierra and the other three girls feel uncomfortable talking about the subject to each other. Finally Castelli insists they have a serious talk with Sierra. They do, and all the problems and misunderstandings are finally put out in the open and resolved. Also, Castelli hates the bridesmaid's dress she's having to wear to a wedding, and she doesn't know how to walk in the high heels she's expected to wear, either. Niki thinks that this is the kind of problem she was meant to solve, so she provides Cris with a pair of "training heels."moreless
    • First Snow
      First Snow
      Episode 8
      Alecia is excited because her old boyfriend from Alabama, Andrew, is coming to town, but's she's also worried because she doesn't have a plan for what they will do. The other girls assure her they will help her arrange for a good time in the city. Alecia gives Sean some tips on how to approach Isabel, a girl he's interested in. In return, he tells her that he will help with the preparations for her big date. The four girlfriends and Sean go to check out a hip boutique, and while there Alecia and Sean discover they have a lot of the same likes in common; more, in fact, than she shares with Andrew. At her home the other girls prepare Alecia by getting her dressed and providing dinner, but then a call comes from Andrew saying his flight is cancelled because of snow. Alecia is not only disappointed, she sees no snow outside and doubts Andrew's excuse. At her request the girls leave Alecia alone. The doorbell rings and it's Sean. He tells her that Isabelle stood him up. They both decide to have dinner together and enjoy themselves talking afterward. Sean notices that snow is falling, the first Alecia's ever seen, so Andrew's excuse must have been true. As they watch the snow, Sean and Alecia are about to kiss when Sean receives a page. It's Isabelle, saying she was delayed and is ready to meet him. After Sean leaves, Alecia watches the snow by herself and obviously has a lot to think about.moreless
    • No Means No
      No Means No
      Episode 7
      Niki is is flying high after making a date with Devon McGregor, a cute senior boy she met at Sierra' vegetarian rally. She's excited but nervous and asks the girls to come by The Loft that night to give her moral support. But things with Devon are going so well on the date that when Alecia and Sierra arrive, Niki sends them away. Devon suggests going back to his house. When they get there, they make out passionately on his couch. Devon reaches to unzip her dress when they hear his parents come home. After they hastily get themselves back together, Niki wonders to herself what she almost got herself into. The next day at school the girls all want to hear about Niki's date, but she's unusually quiet about it. For his part, Devon tells her he had a great time and gives her a kiss. Finally under questioning Niki admits that things went a little "too far" but that she didn't say no. Alecia calls an "ECS"--emergency chat session--for later and the girls talk about going too far and guys who blur the boundary lines. Niki asserts that she will take control of the situation next time, but when Devon calls, her resolve seems to melt. Alecia gives her some tips on how to handle Devon, but she admits she's still a virgin. Niki tells her she is, too. Niki is over at Devon's house again. He says he downloaded a picture of her at the rally he wants her to see. She asks where it is, and when he tells her it's on the computer in his bedroom, she reacts angrily and leaves. Niki talks to the girls again. She confused about Devon, the first guy she's liked for more than his looks. The girls tell her she didn't give him a chance by breaking up with him before she talked to him and that he deserves an explanation. Niki meets Devon after school. He's not happy with her. She tells him she's sorry and tries to explain her concerns to him. She tells him not only was she worried about him, but that she didn't trust herself with him, either. Devon is understanding but tells her she needs to talk with him about these things. After their agreement, there's one more revelation--neither of them are vegetarians!moreless
    • Sierra Meets Her Match
      Sierra is outraged to find that Belmont High has installed security cameras all over the place. She meets Logan Williams, a transfer student who proposed the idea for the cameras to cut down on theft at the school. Sierra immediately engages him in a heated argument and challenges him to a debate to be followed by a school referendum on the subject. Meanwhile Alecia's music teacher Mr. Miller assigns his students each a different song to perform. He challenges Alecia with a 19th century ballad, "Hard Times, Come Again No More." Alecia can't relate to the song at all and feels like she won't be able to perform it. Sierra and Logan prepare for their debate and campaign for their sides. Sierra tells the girls she can't believe how assured and single-minded Logan is about his beliefs. The girls smile and tell her that she is just like him. Sierra fears she may lose to his arguments. She and Logan have another violent discussion in the hall, but this one ends with a passionate kiss! Logan and Sierra agree the kiss will be a one time thing, but despite their constant fighting they can't keep their hands off each other. Mr. Miller encourages the frustrated Alecia to try to see her assigned song differently and make it her own. At Niki's urging, Sierra and Castelli use silly string to cover the camera lenses. Sierra then finds that her valuable organizer has been taken from her open locker, but without the cameras, there's no way to tell who took it. Logan admits he took it to prove his point about the camera's usefulness. Sierra is outraged by this tactic as a violation of her privacy. The girls are gathered at Alecia's when she comes up with her own arrangement of the song. After seeing it another way, she was able to better understand it. Sierra takes this lesson to heart and when it comes time to debate Logan, she says that she's switching sides and agreeing with his viewpoint. She's followed by Logan speaking, and he now says that she has swayed him over to her side. The two work out a compromise: cameras in the gym and on the lockers, but out of the cafeteria and classrooms. They agree to be just friends, but they are caught kissing by a security camera.moreless
    • No Questions Asked
      Mrs. Alcott is driving in silence with Alecia, Sierra and Castelli in the car. The scene flashes back to two days earlier. Niki has big plans for the girls when they spend the night at her place. She's got fake ID's that will get them into the Hardware Store, a trendy over-21 nightclub. The other girls are reluctant, to varying degrees, but they agree to go along. When they get their they don't drink, but try to act older and enjoy the atmosphere. On the way to the ladies' room, Sierra meets Jason, the drummer of the band playing that night. He introduces them to the rest of the band and she introduces the other girls. When they tell the guys that Alecia is a great singer, the guitar player Ethan is skeptical but Jason convinces him to let her sing on the sound check. The band likes Alecia's singing and Ethan invites her to come back tomorrow and sing a whole set. Niki and Chris don't want to push their luck but Sierra convinces them that Alecia needs their support--plus she wants to see Jason again. Alecia tells her mother the girls are going to the library. At the club, the band's set is delayed and the girls' time is running out. For once, Niki is the cautious one and leaves, but the other stick it out, only to find the band won't go on that night after all. Now they are stuck at the club with a creepy guy hitting on them and they can't get home--even the el station nearby is closed. Alecia realizes she'll have to resort to her "no questions asked" call to her mother: they agreed that if she was ever in trouble Mom would come pick her up anywhere, no questions asked. But Alecia spills the story of what happened, and the other girls say they'll tell their parents, also. Niki got caught, too--she left her ID at the club and the bartender called! The girls get groundings as punishment. Alecia tells Ethan she was underage and he has a surprise--so are he and Jason! They look forward to the next time she can sing with them.moreless
    • Sweet Little Lies
      When Alecia's lab partner Jeremy speaks to the girls in the hall one day, it's obvious that Castelli has a major crush on him. Alecia tells Castelli she can help get Jeremy interested in her. On a school field trip, Alecia spends the day with Jeremy while talking about Castelli the whole time. Castelli comes by Alecia's house so she can get tutored in what Jeremy likes and dislikes, but Alecia has to run off her 10-year-old brother Mikey, who has a thing for Castelli. At lunch the next day, Alecia puts her plan to get Jeremy and Castelli together into full force and Jeremy does ask Castelli out. After the date, Alecia gets a phone call from Cris telling her how wonderful the date was. But then she gets another call from Jeremy. He tells Alecia that he wants to go out with her instead. Alecia doesn't know what to do and talks to Niki and Sierra about her dilemma. She decides to try and keep Jeremy and Castelli apart and to find other partners for them. Cris comes over to Alecia's house, worried that Jeremy hasn't even talked to her about their date and says she may ask him out herself. While Alecia is out of the room, Jeremy's voice comes on the answering machine. He's asking Alecia out, "like we talked about before." Castelli jumps to the conclusion that Alecia was going after Jeremy behind her back and storms out of the house. Sierra and Niki try to tell Castelli about what really happened, but she's mad about being kept in the dark and feels like a fool. Alecia wants to make a peace offering, so she convinces Mike to let her have his Chicago Bulls tickets to give to Castelli. Cris comes to the Elliott's house to apologize to Alecia, but also tells her to be honest with her the next time. Alecia gives her the tickets. Castelli is grateful for the present but doesn't know who to take. Alecia suggests--Mikey! Castelli is reluctant for a moment but agrees to do it.moreless
    • Flawed Logic
      Flawed Logic
      Episode 3
      The girls are all together watching Castelli's basketball practice. They all tell Alecia she ought to pursue her passion for singing the same way that Cris does it with basketball. Sierra gets a tape of Alecia singing and gives it to Sean, the manager of The Loft. The next day in the cafeteria Sierra tells Alecia she has a singing gig tomorrow at The Loft. The girls go all out to help Alecia--Sierra does the publicity, Niki handles the makeup and wardrobe, Castelli gets her brother Steven to promise to bring lots of friends, and they recruit schoolmate Lucas to work the sound system. The night of the performance, The Loft is packed. Sean introduces Alecia. She takes the stage--and is overcome by fear.

      The next we see, her girlfriends are trying to talk Alecia out of the dressing room two hours after she ran offstage. The next day at school, Alecia looks different, like a librarian, maybe. She says last night was good for her; it taught her she wasn't cut out for singing and instead she will concentrate on writing about music. She turns in an article for the school newspaper which is highly praised by everyone who reads it, but she's not happy with just writing about music. Later, when Alecia is not at Castelli's big game, Sierra goes looking for her and finds her on her fire escape. Alecia tells Sierra she "fired herself" from the writing job and that she can't find her true passion. Sierra tells her she'll have to provide her own answer for that. When they get back to the gym, the game is over and Castelli is practicing free throws. She tells her friends she lost the game for her team when she missed a last-minute foul shot. Alecia takes heart at how well Cris is handling such a potentially devastating personal defeat.

      Later, the girls gather again at The Loft. Alecia gives Sean a tape and asks him to play it. Then, without introduction, she gets up on-stage and begins to sing, doing a great job of it.moreless
    • The Grass Is Always Pinker
      Niki sleeps over at the Alcott house but doesn't obey the curfew.
    • Truth or Dare
      Truth or Dare
      Episode 1
      The friends are playing a game of "truth or dare," but Alecia thinks the dares are too tame. She challenges Niki to call up the new boy Ryan. Niki gets his answering machine and leaves a message for him to call her. Then Alecia dares (Cris) Castelli to take them all for a ride in her father's beloved vintage '65 Mustang. The girls go to the Castelli's pizza restaurant where they distract Cris' dad while she gets the keys to the car. While out riding in the car, Cris had difficulty shifting and when Alecia tries to help, they strip the car's clutch plate. Cris' brother Steve comes out to help but the car will need a specially-ordered part. Castelli has the car towed back home and plans not to tell her father, but to get the part and have it replaced without his knowing. Meanwhile, she and Alecia have a falling out when Cris blames Alecia's dare for causing the whole problem in the first place. Niki is getting frantic because Ryan hasn't returned her call. Back at the restaurant Dad says he and Steve are going to a Mustang rally in a couple of days. Cris tries to make up reasons why her father shouldn't to go to the rally, saying that it is "unsafe" somehow, but he's unconvinced. Later when the girls are together, Castelli decides she must tell her father what she has done. Sierra then confesses to Niki that Ryan has failed to call back because she told him Niki's call was a joke. Sierra admits that she wanted to go out with the guy herself. Rather than being mad at Sierra, Niki is relieved that she hasn't "lost it." While Cris is telling her father the truth about the car, Alecia comes in and takes the blame also. Mr. Castelli had figured out what happened, but he let the girls squirm a little because they didn't tell the truth. Castelli and Alecia receive punishments for their actions, but their friendship is back on track.moreless