All About Us

Season 1 Episode 3

Flawed Logic

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Aug 18, 2001 on NBC
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Flawed Logic
The girls are all together watching Castelli's basketball practice. They all tell Alecia she ought to pursue her passion for singing the same way that Cris does it with basketball. Sierra gets a tape of Alecia singing and gives it to Sean, the manager of The Loft. The next day in the cafeteria Sierra tells Alecia she has a singing gig tomorrow at The Loft. The girls go all out to help Alecia--Sierra does the publicity, Niki handles the makeup and wardrobe, Castelli gets her brother Steven to promise to bring lots of friends, and they recruit schoolmate Lucas to work the sound system. The night of the performance, The Loft is packed. Sean introduces Alecia. She takes the stage--and is overcome by fear.

The next we see, her girlfriends are trying to talk Alecia out of the dressing room two hours after she ran offstage. The next day at school, Alecia looks different, like a librarian, maybe. She says last night was good for her; it taught her she wasn't cut out for singing and instead she will concentrate on writing about music. She turns in an article for the school newspaper which is highly praised by everyone who reads it, but she's not happy with just writing about music. Later, when Alecia is not at Castelli's big game, Sierra goes looking for her and finds her on her fire escape. Alecia tells Sierra she "fired herself" from the writing job and that she can't find her true passion. Sierra tells her she'll have to provide her own answer for that. When they get back to the gym, the game is over and Castelli is practicing free throws. She tells her friends she lost the game for her team when she missed a last-minute foul shot. Alecia takes heart at how well Cris is handling such a potentially devastating personal defeat.

Later, the girls gather again at The Loft. Alecia gives Sean a tape and asks him to play it. Then, without introduction, she gets up on-stage and begins to sing, doing a great job of it.moreless

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        Finding My Way by Brooke Ramel
        Just Believe by Brooke Ramel
        No Worries by Brooke Ramel
        Peepshow by The Scooters
        Runnin' by Tony Blackmon

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Sierra: You ever seen A&E Biography?

        Biography began as a series of documentaries on the A&E (Arts & Entertainment) cable TV network in 1987, and it has become one of if not the most popular show on that channel. Biography profiles all sorts of famous and sometimes not-so-famous people, both celebrities and historical figures of all kinds, past and present.

      • Niki: Hello, Rolling Stone!

        Roling Stone is a magazine that was founded as a bi-weekly in 1967 in San Francisco. It was a youth-oriented publication that covered rock music, left-wing politics and the youth counterculture of the time. Although it is more mainstream today, it's still considered a leader in the coverage of popular music.

      • Lucas: That leaves out the Cubs, Blair Witch 2 and my parents' marriage.

        When the girls say they ought not to mention anything to Alecia that suggests failure, Lucas lists a few taboo subjects. The Chicago Cubs major league baseball team is famous for its losing seasons. They have not participated in the World Series since 1945 and haven't won that title since 1908! The movie Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000) was the sequel to 1999's biggest surprise hit at the movies, The Blair Witch Project. Blair Witch 2, however, got terrible reviews for the most part and filmgoers stayed away from it in droves.

      • Alecia: I think this is enough (makeup), RuPaul.

        RuPaul (sometimes known as RuPaul Charles) is a six-and-a-half foot tall drag queen, actor, model, singer, etc.--basically a professional celebrity--who often appears in public in a female persona.

      • Niki: And you we're on the Mickey Mouse Club so you're already behind.

        The Mickey Mouse Club was a variety show for kids produced by the Walt Disney Corp. featuring a regular cast of young boys and girls as perfomers. The original series debuted in 1955, and there were two later versions of the show in 1977 and 1989. Niki, talking to Alecia, is referring to the fact that some popular entertainers like singer Britney Spears were former cast members of Mickey Mouse.

      • Alecia: My (singing) resume consists of the car, the shower and this one certifiably warped performance with my church choir of "Dreamlover".
        Niki: Mariah Carey? Ouch!

        Vocalist Mariah Carey was the biggest-selling female recording artist of the 1990's. Her song "Dreamlover" was a number 1 hit in September 1993.

      • Sierra: How about you and your mama at Neiman's designer sale?

        "Neiman's" is Neiman Marcus, a very upscale chain of retail department stores which had its origins in Dallas, Texas and has prestigious locations in New York, Chicago, etc.

      • Niki: It's not real because she hasn't macked on Carson Daly yet.

        Carson Daly first came to prominence hosting the MTV show Total Request Live (TRL). He's also hosted the NBC interview show Late Night with Carson Daly and has appeared in a number of films and other TV shows. He proved to be a big favorite of female fans right from the beginning of his small-screen career.

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