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Season 1 Episode 7

No Means No

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 29, 2001 on NBC
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No Means No
Niki is is flying high after making a date with Devon McGregor, a cute senior boy she met at Sierra' vegetarian rally. She's excited but nervous and asks the girls to come by The Loft that night to give her moral support. But things with Devon are going so well on the date that when Alecia and Sierra arrive, Niki sends them away. Devon suggests going back to his house. When they get there, they make out passionately on his couch. Devon reaches to unzip her dress when they hear his parents come home. After they hastily get themselves back together, Niki wonders to herself what she almost got herself into. The next day at school the girls all want to hear about Niki's date, but she's unusually quiet about it. For his part, Devon tells her he had a great time and gives her a kiss. Finally under questioning Niki admits that things went a little "too far" but that she didn't say no. Alecia calls an "ECS"--emergency chat session--for later and the girls talk about going too far and guys who blur the boundary lines. Niki asserts that she will take control of the situation next time, but when Devon calls, her resolve seems to melt. Alecia gives her some tips on how to handle Devon, but she admits she's still a virgin. Niki tells her she is, too. Niki is over at Devon's house again. He says he downloaded a picture of her at the rally he wants her to see. She asks where it is, and when he tells her it's on the computer in his bedroom, she reacts angrily and leaves. Niki talks to the girls again. She confused about Devon, the first guy she's liked for more than his looks. The girls tell her she didn't give him a chance by breaking up with him before she talked to him and that he deserves an explanation. Niki meets Devon after school. He's not happy with her. She tells him she's sorry and tries to explain her concerns to him. She tells him not only was she worried about him, but that she didn't trust herself with him, either. Devon is understanding but tells her she needs to talk with him about these things. After their agreement, there's one more revelation--neither of them are vegetarians!moreless

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      • Cris: Putting the perfect outfit together is like your Star Search talent.

        Star Search is a TV show which began in 1983 hosted by Ed McMahon (and later Martha Quinn) that feautured mostly young amateur performers competing for prizes in several categories, including singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, modeling, etc.

      • Cris: I gotta watch the rugrats.

        This euphemism for babies may have been in use before 1991 when the cartoon series Rugrats debuted in 1991 on the Nickelodeon network, but it gained more widespread usage soon after that.

      • Niki: And then I realized... if Felicity had never cut her hair off, Al Gore would have been elected president.

        Felicity was a much talked-about TV series about a girl going away to college which premiered on the WB network in 1998. In October 1999 during its second season, the title character played by Keri Russell got her long, wavy hair cut short. The show's ratings dropped noticeably during that season, causing many critics and fans to speculate that the haircut was responsible for the show's decline in viewership. Niki's connection between that and the very controversial presidential election in 2000 when incumbent Vice-President Al Gore lost to Texas govenor George W. Bush is not explained.

      • Alecia: Are we talking the Six Flags kind of family fun?

        The Six Flags amusement parks are a chain of very successful large theme parks scattered across America, including Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Over Mid-America, etc.

      • Devon: You could call it Girl Uninterrupted.

        That name is suggested by the 1999 movie Girl, Interrupted starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie about a young woman's time spent in a mental hospital.

      • Alecia: I feel your pain.

        A quote often attributed to President Bill Clinton.