All About Us

NBC (ended 2001)


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  • this show i can't beleive didn't get better ratings!

    o my gosh this place is like dead,i can't beleive it i loved this show!u r probably here right now either u r one of my friends tracking my reviews or someone who has never heard of it and wants to find out more.this show is soooo realistic.and it's just put together really cutely and yeah i wish they'd bring it back so bad!i don't know where i'd write though.ummmm i ust to like argue with my mother to let me stay up late to watch this when i was like 10!i didn't even understand it but yeah i don't get why it went off the air!i never got sick of it!
  • in one word 'perfect'!

    as past reviewer said this show set of all the teenage girl shows nickelodeon has now like 15/love and much more.they should definetly bring this show back to nick!not many people know about'all about us'because it wasn't on for that long compared to rugrat's and spongebob square pants i mean.i mean it shows proof but not having hardly any reviews on this page compared to the o.c page and stuff!wow!nobody remembers this show really to put it in a sentance!but i loved it when it was airing on nickelodeon and would love if it came back on!i'd love it if a whole bunch of original nick shows came back on!sure the shows now on nickelodeon are great but the orinal stuff was also great!i think that they should show the next generation some of the old stuff aswell as the new stuff.i don't even think when this show was on it had many reviews cos it wasn't on at prime time it ust to be on like at 9.30 at night,but i ust to have a nickelodeon marothon every weekday from like 6.oo pm to show!give it 2 thumbs up!bring it back!too good to hold back!very realistic!gives teenagers a show to watch on nckelodeon like i'm talking 17/18,which isn't common for nick,i guess that's why they took it off.i know i've said this a kazzilion times already but please bring it back!
  • trendsetter

    bring it back now!that show started all the trendy nick shows and more about teenage girls,it definetly started a theme i wish that show was back on.people just forget about shows like this sometimes when they don't run for very was so awesome i really wish theyed make another season of this's great for fashionista teenage girls'believe me.this show is the best!i loved this show when i was like 9 so it's not just getting inyo teens please please please bring this show back on tv.please!i wish i taped it.i can't really even remember any of the episodes.i only remember there names and faces.i think i can remember there was one about this guy read one of thems diary or something,i remember i liked thaat episode.and i sort of remember ther personalities alicia plays the piano and sings nikki is like heaps into fashion,and didn't alicia come from alabama i can sort of remember the first episode and one of them is itilian,it's coming back to me,there was this restaurant well/cafe thing where they ust to hang out in wasn't there i'm starting to remember more basicly the point is please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!