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Season 1 Episode 4

Sweet Little Lies

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Aug 25, 2001 on NBC
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Sweet Little Lies
When Alecia's lab partner Jeremy speaks to the girls in the hall one day, it's obvious that Castelli has a major crush on him. Alecia tells Castelli she can help get Jeremy interested in her. On a school field trip, Alecia spends the day with Jeremy while talking about Castelli the whole time. Castelli comes by Alecia's house so she can get tutored in what Jeremy likes and dislikes, but Alecia has to run off her 10-year-old brother Mikey, who has a thing for Castelli. At lunch the next day, Alecia puts her plan to get Jeremy and Castelli together into full force and Jeremy does ask Castelli out. After the date, Alecia gets a phone call from Cris telling her how wonderful the date was. But then she gets another call from Jeremy. He tells Alecia that he wants to go out with her instead. Alecia doesn't know what to do and talks to Niki and Sierra about her dilemma. She decides to try and keep Jeremy and Castelli apart and to find other partners for them. Cris comes over to Alecia's house, worried that Jeremy hasn't even talked to her about their date and says she may ask him out herself. While Alecia is out of the room, Jeremy's voice comes on the answering machine. He's asking Alecia out, "like we talked about before." Castelli jumps to the conclusion that Alecia was going after Jeremy behind her back and storms out of the house. Sierra and Niki try to tell Castelli about what really happened, but she's mad about being kept in the dark and feels like a fool. Alecia wants to make a peace offering, so she convinces Mike to let her have his Chicago Bulls tickets to give to Castelli. Cris comes to the Elliott's house to apologize to Alecia, but also tells her to be honest with her the next time. Alecia gives her the tickets. Castelli is grateful for the present but doesn't know who to take. Alecia suggests--Mikey! Castelli is reluctant for a moment but agrees to do it.moreless

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      • Alecia: Pepe Le Pew!

        Pepe Le Pew is animated French skunk who first appeared in animated Warner Brothers cartoons in 1945. The character is very amorous and full of love, but because he's a skunk, people are afraid of his smell. Alecia refers to Mikey by this name after she smells him reeking of aftershave lotion.

      • Jeremy: There's this exhibit at the Field Musuem.

        The Field Musuem of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois is one of the USA's premiere musuems and one of Chicago's top attractions.

      • Alecia: There's a revival house that's showing The Mask and The Truman Show.

        These are two films starring actor/comedian Jim Carrey, released in 1994 and 1998, respectively.

      • Cris: A Stone Cold Steve Austin poster.

        "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (real name Steve Williams) has been one of the top professional wrestlers in the Unitesd Staes since the 1990's. Steve Austin was also the name of Lee Majors character on the 1970's TV show The Six Milion Dollar Man.

      • Alecia: This Erykah Badu CD won't even be in the store for a month.

        Erykah Badu is a singer who gained a lot of attention after the release of her 1997 debut album. Her vocal style fuses '70s-era soul, hip-hop and blues/jazz.