All-American Girl

Season 1 Episode 13

Malpractice Makes Perfect

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1994 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • (Margaret enters after searching for Eric.)
      Margaret: (sighs) Well, he's not at the hospital or the medical library. Do you think, maybe, he spent the night with his girlfriend.
      Mrs. Kim: Margaret, even a man who has showered himself with disgrace, would not then take a bath in shame.
      Margaret: I have no idea what that means.
      Mrs. Kim: (glacing at Maragets wardrobe selection)Obviously!

    • (Eric and Casey enter the bookstore.)
      Eric: Hey, mom. Would you sign this for me. (handing her a slip of paper.)
      Mrs. Kim: What is it?
      Eric: It's a permission slip for an after school activity.
      Mrs. Kim: Oh, good. YOu took my advice and are joining the junior debate club. (reading the permission slip) Head injury? Loss of limb?
      Eric: Yeah, last year the rebuttals got really out of control.(Mrs. Kim starres him down.) OK. It's for the hockey team.
      Margaret: Eric, I can't believe you would try to trick mom into signing that. When I was your age I could forge her name perfectly.

  • Notes

    • Mrs Kim comments about the kids not knowing how tough it was growing up during the war. This is kind of funny because the actor playing Mr. Kim (Clyde Kusatsu) had a reacurring role on the show M*A*S*H*, which was set during the Korean war

  • Allusions

    • Practice Makes Perfect
      The title of this episode is a parody of the old saying "Practice Makes Perfect".