All-American Girl

Season 1 Episode 7

Mommie Nearest

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1994 on ABC
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Mommie Nearest
When Margaret needs a reliable temp to work with her at the cosmetics counter, Ruthie and Gloria recruit her mother. Mrs. Kim's medeling and then lack of medleling frustrates Margaret. Meanwhile, Eric and Casey grow attached to the squid that Grandma is planning to cook for the church pot luck dinner. Stuart gets a new nickname.moreless

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  • Margaret needs temp help at the cosmetics counter. Gloria and Ruthie convince her to hire her mother who could use some extra cash.

    Margaret is dead set against hiring her mother. And when she does, things go wrong. The mother- daughter relationship (fragile as theirs is to start with) does not hold up very well in the retail environment. Her mother is pushy and does not let Margaret be the boss, although in reality she is the manager.

    Things also don't work well when Margaret's mother tries to act as her friend. She doesn't tell her things about the new guy she is seeing, and Margaret ends up getting hurt. In the end they try to find a compromise that will work at home and in the store. Cheesy.moreless

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    • (Grandma is reaching in to a bucket with one hand and has a meat cleaver in the other when the phone rings.)
      Grandma: Yama say oh.
      (Camera cuts to Caseys standing outside the window on the phone mouthing something.)
      Grandma: OK.
      (Grandma hangs up the phone and leaves the room. Casey and Eric snatch up the squid bucket and and go outside.)
      Casey: We'll save you Inky.
      Eric: Hey, what did you say to Grandma to get her to go in the living room.
      Casey: Go in the living room.

    • Lisa: Miss Kim! Miss Kim! This tester is empty. Dear God it's dry! There is no perfume!
      Margaret: Lisa, Calm down. Just refill it.
      Lisa: I can't handle this. I'm just a temp. I should have never changed careers.
      Margaret: Lisa, you've had electro shock therapy. You can't be an air traffic controler anymore.

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    • The Waltons
      The third act ends with a shot of the Kim's house with each character saying good night to another passing it along. This is how every episode of the the family drama The Waltons ended.

    • Mommy Dearest
      This episode's title is a parody of the Joan Crawford biography Mommy Dearest.