All-American Girl

ABC (ended 1995)


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  • The story of Margaret and her off-the-wall, funny relatives.

    Margaret Kim lives in California with family, including among them her brother, who loves her but drives her to distraction, her mother, who has a caring but critical eye, and her grandmother, who thinks Margaret is the most embarrassing person on the planet. Her brother gets to be the object of all the family's hope and expectations; meanwhile Margaret must carry on in his shadow, searching for a solid job, good apartment and a relationship that's worth it.

    B.D. Wong was very funny as Stuart Kim and Amy Hill also quite good as the grandmother. The writing, courtesy of Cho herself, was warm and intelligent and showed that as oddball as the characters could be, they really loved each other.

    I wish this show had been around longer. It was the rare family comedy that isn't sappy or dull. Cho's stand-up is powerful but has gone different places; this sitcom was an indicator that she could bring her unique wit, charm and honesty to any format.