All-American Girl

Season 1 Episode 16

Venus de Margaret

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1995 on ABC



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    • Leo: I can't get over how great you look. Like Venus, you're a goddes of beauty sprung forth from the foam of the sea.
      Ruthie: Oooo. Do me.
      Leo: You conjure the innocent dutch milkmaid, returning from the pasture. Balancing pails of fresh cream across her supple shoulders.
      Gloria: What about me?
      Leo: You're tall. (Gloria pouts)

    • Margaret: Leo, I'm sorry. But when you asked me to pose for that statue, it sounded like a cool idea. But now that it's out there and strangers are looking at it...I'm not so sure.
      Leo: I don't get it, you're the one who said the body is a work of art.
      Margaret: Haven't you said things when you were naked that you later regretted?

    • Katherine: (to Margaret) You're wearing clothes. What's the occassion?

    • Eric: (nodding and smiling as he checks out the nude statue, until he gets to the face): Oh man... now I'm all messed up!

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