All-American Girl

Season 1 Episode 3

Who's the Boss?

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1994 on ABC



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    • Feng Shui Master: Did someone try to fix the feng shui in this house without a compass.
      Grandma: (pauses) Yyesss, (then points at Casey) the little white girl.
      (Casey looks like a deer in headlights)
      Grandma: (turns back to Feng Shui Master) I'm sorry. I did it.

    • Mr. Kim: Many successful men started out in retail. Sears. Roebuck. Me.
      Mrs. Kim: Then how come proud parents always say 'My son the doctor', but never, 'My son the retailer'.
      Mr. Kim: People say that. I'm sure my mother said that many times.
      Grandma: (shaking head) No, I never said that.

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  • Allusions

    • Who's the Boss
      This title is taken directly from the Tony Danza show Who's the Boss.

    • Charlie's Angels
      Margaret and Ruthie pretend to be two of Charlie's Angels while preparing for a Charlie's Angels marathon. Later Margaret gleans a bit of wisdom from the show.