All Creatures Great and Small

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  • One on the best programs ever produced

    I first started watching on PBS. After it not shown on PBS any longer, I started trying to fine it again. Netflix thankful shows it now. It makes me a little sad to know the program is no longer made. I love the beautiful country where the show was filmed.
  • Bestiality for the masses

    Not a weekend went by when I was a child without seeing Herriot elbow deep in a cow's rectum, touching up a dog or probing a sheep. Deeply, deeply disturbing.
  • Taken from the books....

    I have learned of the series, by seeing it on the public station . When I started to watch it I could see that they were going off the books . I have read the books about ten times. So I can tell you that the stories that they showed during this series are very goes to the real stories that James Harriet wrote about. I enjoy the fact that some people still know how to read and write for TV, the same things come off the screen. This is the kind off TV that I like to see more of.
  • This is a truly wonderful show set in beautiful scenery, revisiting the time when James Herriot was a vet.

    All Creatures Great and Small is a classic comedy which would be a sin to produce again. The cast was just right, totally believable in their triumphs and mishaps. I have long been a fan of the books and the programme and have now visited a lot of the places mentioned in the books. I have also visited the James Herriot museum in the original vet's surgery in Thirsk, North Yorkshire - this is a sight to behold wirh all the old fashioned medecines, tools and treatments (I don't think my dog would have been so keen on visiting the vet in those days!)
  • This is a hilarious show about James Harriet. A veterinarian just out of school, James, comes to a small English town to be an veterinarian assistant. He instantly falls in love with the people of the town, but he must cope with the life of a vet.

    Based on a book by James Harriet this show is a great family series. It tells about the life of a young veterinarian in a small English town, making the show hilarious. On one hand you have Sigfried who knows ALL about the small town life, and on the other...James, the newcomer to the slow moving ways. Though, James becomes comfortable right away with the people, Sigfried enjoys watching the people get used to "the new veterinarian." The people from BBC portrayed Harriet's book with perfection. They couldn't have gotten any closer to the characters, and story line of his life. I definitely recommend watching this show, you WILL enjoy it.
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of All Creatures Great and Small from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.

  • The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny.

    The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny. The episode started out with his dad driving a hybrid car and being very smug about it to the other residents. His dad moves to San Fransisco because everybody became angry when he started ticketing people for not driving hybrids.
  • One of my earliest memories is holidaying in Wales in a holiday camp with the old A and B telephone. I remember getting kicked out of the tv room by two crusty students while I was trying to watch All Creatures Great and Small.

    I say this because this (mostly) classic series was set in a time gone by and tried early on to show a gritty reality that was life for a pre-war veterinary. When I was young I wanted to be a vet. Was all becuase of Jim Whyte (as James Herriot was really called). Read the books and worked (at the RSPCA) for someone who worked with him. Something changed though, and I don't think it was just me.

    In it's early years it was very loyal to James Herriot's books and therin led it's downfall I suppose. It sped along quite quickly and had overtook the pace of the books.

    After the series took a break for a couple of years it returned with Lynda Bellingham instead of Helen Drinkwater. Never really took to her as Helen Herriot. The series played more on it's tinkly instrumental music and introduced characters not known in the original books. It tried to become twee. Such was the BBC's idea of family entertainment mid to late eighties. It was still good but the series lost the charm made the stories and the characters live when it first arrived on our screens in 1979. Still worth a look in it's endless re-runs on UKTV Drama.
  • Always something to make me feel good.

    James Herriot was one of the best authors of the 20th century. He wrote about experiences he had as a Veterinary in Yorkshire before, during and after World War II. Some of his stories are based in reality but most are not. The thing they all have in common is their study of human and animal nature.

    While the stories are nominally about animals, they are really about people. The different personalities portrayed in the books and on the screen are inspiring. The stories touch our hearts.

    This show, which is based on the books, is not as good. But it is still one of my favorites.
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