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All Dogs Go to Heaven

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All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series was based on the 2nd Don Bluth movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, as Charlie B. Barkin, and his longtime friend/sidekick, Itchy Itchiford, become Gaurdian Angels, helping people and dogs alike on Earth, while being under the watchful eye of the Archangel Canine, Anabelle. In this series we see a new side of both Charlie and Itchy as never been told or reveled before. We also get to see the favorite villians, Carface and Killer and the new evil female Whippet villian from the other side as Anabelle's cousin, Belladonns. The series also features the sassy lvable Sasha LaFleur as always beautiful and still has feelings for Charlie and Plus, we meet Itchy's new girlfriend named Winifred Bessamay also known as Bess. As she's a charm lovable and understanding female dog to get along with Itchy alot. The series became a daytime Emmy Award nomination in 1997. The series can now be found with some episodes on VHS/DVD. Character Profiles Charlie B. (Burt) Barkin:(German Shepherd) The main hero of the series. He's lived (well sorta, since he was in Heaven from 1939 til 1996) a very long life, as a gambler, a trickster, and sometimes an all around menace. But when things get tough for him and his friends, he will always pull through and save the day... even if he often annoys them to near insanity. Though it is never mentioned, his birthday is September 13th. Itchy Itchiford: (Dachsund) Charlie's longtime, flea-infested sidekick/friend. Shy, but very loyal to his friends. Sasha LaFleur: (Irish Setter) A seductive, attractive dog, who owns a cafe known as "The Flea Bite". Charlie's always after her, but Sasha just won't admit her love to him, even though she really does love him deep down inside. Gerta: Sasha's friend who often helps out at the cafe. Anabelle: (Whippet) The Archangel of Canine Heaven. She keeps a close watch on Charlie and tries to keep him out of trouble. Though she acts as a friend (and also somewhat of an overprotective mother!) to him, there is questioning from the first movie, as to whether or not she is in love with him. Bess: Itchy's girlfriend, who he once saved from getting run over. Bess is a very talented pooch, who's won many awards. Carface Caruthers: (Pit Bull) A mean and greedy dog, who's had it out for Charlie since 1939, when he almost killed (well, technically he did) him with an old car, running him off a dock. Now, he is still up to his old tricks and is often being a big pain to Charlie and co. Killer: (Mixed) Carface's longtime sidekick, who's very loyal to him. He's somewhat of a technical wizard and loves building things. Belladonna: (Whippet) (Didn't appear until Second Season) Though Belladonna is actually Anabelle's cousin, they act like twin sisters... with Belladonna being the traditional Evil one. She is, in almost every way possible, the exact opposite of Anabelle, wanting nothing more than utter destruction. She often tries to trick Charlie into joining her, and almost succeeds, but luckily, Charlie's will was too strong for her to control when his friends became involved.moreless
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  • All Dogs Go To Heaven the Series is 9 million times better than Dora the Explorer.

    Now this 90s cartoon was my favorite along with Hey Arnold, Doug, Rugrats, Animaniacs, TaleSpin and other from the 90s.
  • I love All Dogs Go To Heaven but this show is a big disappointment

    this show is pretty horrible I liked the movie I hoped this show would be good too I was glad I get to watch it on Hulu but then I watched it and I got disappointed at how bad this show is it's about Charlie and Itchy's new adventures and being assigned missions by Annabelle Sure it's supposedly based on the sequel but it has some continuity issues with the second movie that's not a good sign and I don't like the sequels very much or at all but I still gave this show a chance I hoped I would like it too bad I don't the plots are dumb and boring *sighs* I'll just stick to the original All Dogs Go To Heaven movie I used to think I would kinda somewhat or kind of like this show but now I realize how lame it is although not to mention there were hardly even at least a very few episodes that I thought were okay this show is that badmoreless
  • I liked it very much

    It was based off of the movie, and I loved the movies. I guess I can say that because I loved the movies, I really enjoyed this series, though I don't see the series anymore and I do wish that I could. Itchy was always one of my favorite dogs, and the laughter that he gave to everyone was pretty fullfilling as well. I think that if you ever get the chance to watch this show, do so, because you'd really be missing out if you didn't see it. It's fun, and dare I say that cute is actually a good way to describe it too.moreless
  • It's okay if you liked the movies following it.

    This show is overally okay to watch, but there are many flaws in it. For example, the animation is terrible, the character's voices have changed ever since the original "All Dogs Go to Heaven" movie(which now have terrible voices and loss of personalities), uninteresting plotlines, and it's not a very funny show. The show is not as appealing as either of the two movies, much less the original film. Did they really have to waste their time with this? The sequel was bad enough, but this? Also, there are numerous plotholes between this and the 2nd film. Here are the ones I can think of: (SPOILERS coming up!)

    -Didn't Itchy stay in Heaven?

    -Isn't Charlie now living with David?

    -Didn't Charlie and Sasha love each other by the end of the 2nd movie?

    -Where did Killer come from?! What is he doing in San Francisco?!

    -Didn't Carface have his soul taken away by Red?

    The series really is confusing thanks to these plotholes, and while it is alright to watch once in a while, you wouldn't be missing ANYTHING if you missed it.moreless
  • It was okay....

    A knock-off from the movie and the straight to video sequel. The sequel was far off from the original movie, and the series was far off from both of them, which kinda made the situation sadder. But it was a cute charming series for kids with cute characters and a nice way of conveying the moral of the story. So, I was the greatest, but it was okay enough and sometimes kinda cute.moreless

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