All Dogs Go to Heaven

Season 3 Episode 15

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Nov 17, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Here's a another Nitpick, unlike in the TV show, Belladonna's fur was a different color. In the TV show, her fur was Dark Purple at the top and a lighter shade of purple for the underside. In this episode, she was dark purple at the top but white on the underside.

  • Quotes

    • Carface: Thanks, Annabelle!
      Annabelle: Oh, pish! Think nothing of it. YOU did all the work, Mr. Carruthers.
      Killer: Aw, yeah! Great work, big guy! Oh, I feel a group hug comin' on! (Carface growls) Or not.

    • Sasha: I am the ghost of Christmas present. Touch my robe.
      Carface: Nice. This a cotton blend?

    • Belladonna: Oh look at me, Miss Perfect Anabelle. Head Angel, Queen of the Clouds. Watch me make it snow for all the little kiddies!

    • Itchy: Charlie what are we going to do now?
      Charlie: You got me Itch.
      Anabelle: You mustn't give up Charles!
      Charlie: Whatever you say Anabelle, uh Anabelle!
      Itchy: Oh goody, we can sure use her up.

    • Belledonna: You both are going to get it. Nobody double-crosses Belledonna and lives!
      Anabelle: Halt! you will not harm these two.

    • Charlie: (in response to Carface managing to keep Charlie out of his hideout.) I'm going to deck HIS halls!

  • Notes

    • Throughout the whole movie, Belladonna has her bat wings, as well as Annabelle having her angel wings.

  • Allusions

    • As the ghost of Christmas future, Charlie wears a yellow suit and hat, similar to the title character of the Jim Carey film, The Mask.

    • Charlie: Welcome to our holiday special, "It's a Wonderful Carface"!

      This is a play on the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life.

    • The logo of the "Carface Carruthers Network" is a parody of the Cable News Network (more commonly known as "CNN")'s logo.

    • The X Files

      When Carface is flicking through TV channels, one of the programmes is titled "The X-mas Files", parodying the sci-fi series The X Files.

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