All Dogs Go to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 3

Charlie's Cat-Astrophe

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 04, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Charlie and Itchy run into Otto and his gang again while searching the garbage cans in an alley Otto claims to be his. They manage to get away and Charlie calls them cats, and tells Itchy that Cats are weird, and horrible mutants (after facing off against Red, who wouldn't think that?). Just then a kitten actually walks in front of them and a feather lands on Charlie's nose. The feather was actually a message from Anabelle saying that they have to return this kitten, named Dilly, to her owner. Charlie first refuses, but then Anabelle, unseen, drops a brick on his head with a Miracle Dog Tag on it. For the next while, they have to chase Dilly around because she ran away, but then she runs into a small inn where the owner only keeps cats and not dogs. Charlie and Itchy, try as hard as they can to get in but manage to get knocked away each time. Itchy suggests using the Dog Tag to turn themselves into cats. Charlie reluctantly goes along with the plan. After the transformation, they end up getting themselves stuck on a screen door, where the lady then saves them and takes them in. They meet a another cat inside who shows them some tricks to getting food and such, but Charlie wasn't interested, he just wanted Dilly. After almost becoming hypnotized by a catnip toy, Charlie and Itchy manage to recover Dilly and leave. After a while they run into Otto's gang again, but this time, they get cornered! But with a little help from Dilly, Charlie and Itchy let their new feline claws work to their useful potential... clawing the dogs to get away! After the chase continues for a while, they finally lose Otto and the dogs when they used their agility to jump over a giant river of mud. Charlie and Itchy then return Dilly and turn back into dogs, thinking of how cats really aren't that bad after all.