All Dogs Go to Heaven

Season 1 Episode 6

Cyrano de Barkinac

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Nov 09, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Charlie throws Itchy into a run-away truck and manages to stop it, though he splashes water all over a dog named Bess. Itchy falls in love with her the moment he lays eyes on her. Charlie and Itchy walk Bess home so she can get cleaned up. While she is cleaning herself, Charlie and Itchy notice how many trophies and awards she's won. When Bess comes back to them, Charlie tries getting Itchy to say something, but ends up stuffing a sandwich in his mouth to stop his nervous gibberish. Later at the Flea Bite Cafe, Charlie gets Itchy to go with his plan to get Bess to like him (Itchy) more. First Charlie tries relaying information to Itchy via a walkie-talkie watch, but ends up making Bess unhappy when Charlie accidentally relays what he was saying when he joined a poker game that was happening at the time. That night Charlie tries throwing his voice to sound like Itchy who was standing on his shoulder's below Bess's balcony. At that time, a large dog named Manfred finds Bess talking to them and tries to beat them up. Itchy and Charlie escape and go back to the cafe. The next day, Charlie goes to talk to Bess for Itchy. Unfortunately, Bess thinks Charlie likes her and kisses him on the cheek. Itchy sees the lipstick on his cheek and immediately gets mad at Charlie. Charlie goes to explain what he really meant to Bess and to bring her to Itchy. Itchy then runs up to them before they reach the cafe and starts to yell at Charlie saying he loves Bess, finally admitting it to her face. Unfortunately, Manfred shows up and knocks Itchy into a Garbage can. Charlie then proceeds to get into a fist (or paw?) fight with Manfred, knocking him out with a well aimed hit. Itchy goes to the hospital and Bess tells him he loves him back because he was so brave and stood up to Manfred like that.