All Dogs Go to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 4

Magical Misery Tour

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 11, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Charlie, Itchy, and David running from Otto's "Wild Pack" of dogs. They run into a dead end and get cornered, but with a fake magic trick diversion from David, they escaped just fine, but then Charlie tells the gang that he'll fight them at Noon, behind the Flea Bite Cafe.

Afterwards, they head back to the Cafe, where Sasha gets angry at Charlie for standing her up on their breakfast date. Charlie quickly tells her that he was too busy planning a "big surprise" for her, and that they'll talk about it over a romantic lunch, at Noon. Sasha walks away wondering what she sees in Charlie. Charlie then gets in a poker match with his friends, and tells them he'll be at the big game at Noon in the cafe.

Even later, Charlie and Itchy accompany David to the back of the magic shop (after taking a little "shortcut" that almost gets Itchy, and then even David and Charlie, killed) Where they find a box someone threw out. David wonders why anyone would throw this out and carries it home.

At David's house, Itchy steps into the box, and it starts spinning! When it stops Itchy comes out perfectly fine... except now there's two of him! Itchy later goes back in and comes out normal, but then Charlie sneaks in, when no one's looking! Now there's four Charlies! One for each appointment, and one to help David with his magic act.

The "Punk Charlie" goes and quickly beats up Otto and his gang and says he'll challenge him again at sunset at David's house.

The "Slick Charlie" goes and cheats Charlie's friends out of all their bones in the poker game.

The "Suave Charlie" woos Sasha... a little too much. And tells her to meet him at David's house at sunset so he can "prove his love for her".

Afterwards, they all jump back in the box and disappear! But Charlie's quick thinking gets him out of this mess. When Otto's gang appears, he tells them he really told them to come so he could see the magic show David was putting on. Then he tells his friends, who came for revenge against cheating them, that he did it for their own good and if he could cheat them, think of who else could?! Then he gives them back their bones. David wonders what's going on, and Charlie tells them the dogs are here to be the audience for his magic show!

Finally, Sasha walks up to Charlie and tells him to prove his love for her. Charlie says that he said he wanted to "prove she's lovely" by taking her to the Golden Gate Bridge and watching her outshine the sunset. Sasha says she's gotta get her ears checked.

David asks Charlie if he wants to be in the act, but Charlie refuses saying he only wants to make Doves... by kissing Sasha!