All Dogs Go to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 5

Miss Guidance

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 18, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Charlie recovers a bone Itchy lost to a mean, clumsy, junkyard dog named Clutch. After they leave the junkyard, Charlie comments on how great it is to be a guy. Just then, it starts to rain, but Charlie pays no mind to it. He asks Itchy if he wants to go play on the merry-go-round at the school, but Itchy refuses saying he's gonna catch a cold staying outside. Later, we see Charlie just waking up from falling asleep on the merry-go-round, where he sees David. David tells Charlie that this is the school he goes to. Then, a girl named Alex runs by, upset that she'll fail her open-note test because she left her notes in her mom's car. David asks Charlie to help her out, but Charlie refuses asking why he should help this girl, to which David tells him, he has a crush on her. Charlie changes his mind and goes to get Itchy. Unfortunately, Itchy caught that cold he mentioned earlier and he can't leave bed! Sasha asks to go instead of Itchy, but Charlie tells Sasha that this is a "Blue Job", aka, a job for men, and that she should stay focused on "Pink Job"s, another words, womanly jobs such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Sasha forces her way into going with him, calling him sexist and stereotypical.

After getting slowed down quite a bit, all at the fault of Charlie stealing sausage links and goofing around, they finally reach the car... which is about to get towed to the junkyard! Unfortunately, they're too late and end up running to the junkyard.

At the junkyard, Charlie and Sasha both fail to get the notes, because of Clutch, so Charlie tries to convince Sasha to seduce Clutch while he goes in to get the notes. Sasha gets angry because it's a "Pink Job", and ends up getting Charlie to do it by dressing up as a woman!

Unfortunately, Charlie's disguise falls off and he ends up cornered by Clutch! Sasha starts the trash compactor to distract him, and Charlie runs into one of the cars to get away from Clutch... which happens to be the car with the notes in it! He grabs them and tries to leave the car, but the door is stuck... and the car is about to be crushed!

Thinking quickly, Sasha tries to pull the stop lever, and succeeds after jumping on top of Clutch and jumping off of him. Charlie is saved with barely seconds to spare!

They quickly rush back to the school, and give the notes to Alex, just as the test is about to start. Charlie and Sasha head back, each with a newfound respect for the opposite gender.

Too bad Charlie didn't know he caught Itchy's cold, because now Itchy and Sasha have to go out while he's sick in bed!