All Dogs Go to Heaven

ABC (ended 1998)





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  • After fetching Gabe's horn in ADGTH2, Charlie and Itchy are back in action in a TV series.

    Although this would normally make me cringe, the ADGTH Series could be worse, but overall a very good show depending on the episodes you have available to you.

    Plot: Depends greatly on the audience. I believe that a younger audience might appeal to it more than the fans of the original ADGTH, but overall isn't nearly as worthy as the original (even ADGTH2 had a great plotline in my opinion). But ya, the show does have it's moments, and when you get down to it, they really aren't that bad.

    Art: Aye, need quite a bit of work. Although the production wasn't made by the original people, it's pretty decent (it's hard to top Don Bluth animation anyways).

    Characters: What I like about it is that they didn't change the characters too much in personality (except for Charlie, but that's mainly the fault of ADGTH2). It's impossible to do a character rating for this show since they're spinning it off from the movies, but ya, I like the newer characters (dude, Belladonna It's also great to see Dom and CNR back to doing their characters (Itchy and Killer) as well as Sheena Easton (Sasha), and although Steven Webber wouldn't be my first choice as a Charlie, ya, he's good enough to pull it off. The elements of his voice are still present.

    Overall, this is a great show (especially with Belladonna) that is slightly underappreciated for the wrong reasons. However, it could use a bit of a tune-up.
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