All Dogs Go to Heaven

ABC (ended 1998)





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  • It's okay if you liked the movies following it.

    This show is overally okay to watch, but there are many flaws in it. For example, the animation is terrible, the character's voices have changed ever since the original "All Dogs Go to Heaven" movie(which now have terrible voices and loss of personalities), uninteresting plotlines, and it's not a very funny show. The show is not as appealing as either of the two movies, much less the original film. Did they really have to waste their time with this? The sequel was bad enough, but this? Also, there are numerous plotholes between this and the 2nd film. Here are the ones I can think of: (SPOILERS coming up!)

    -Didn't Itchy stay in Heaven?
    -Isn't Charlie now living with David?
    -Didn't Charlie and Sasha love each other by the end of the 2nd movie?
    -Where did Killer come from?! What is he doing in San Francisco?!
    -Didn't Carface have his soul taken away by Red?

    The series really is confusing thanks to these plotholes, and while it is alright to watch once in a while, you wouldn't be missing ANYTHING if you missed it.